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    Daily checklists on your smart device

    Focus your teams on daily tasks and processes.


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    Collect richer insights faster

    Import existing checklists or create your own unlimited, custom daily checklists that can be completed on any device. Send completed checks to users for approval right away to save time on the back and forth.


    Improve day-to-day procedures

    Ensure Daily Standards are Being Met

    Action problems faster by auto-notifying certain users when issues are found. Auto-set periods for follow-ups to be completed.

    Manage Permissions

    Create various permissions and groups to manage which users can see what reports. Ensure that nothing gets missed.

    Switch from Device to Device

    Complete checklists on your smartphone, then save to continue on another device. Move back and forth between your smartphone, desktop or tablet at your convenience.


    Verify Execution

    Require teams to attach photos of specific store items, and collect e-signatures to ensure checks are completed properly. Monitor how long it takes to complete daily checklists and where they took place.

    Obtain Insights Into your Daily Operations

    Identify top and low performers and view detailed checklist reports to see where issues occurred. Ensure standards are being met by monitoring performance over time and forecasting issues to stay on top of trends.


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