Easy-to-customize mobile hotel audit software

Convert hotel inspections, housekeeping reports & property maintenance forms to mobile, and share with teams to complete.

Get faster, more actionable hotel checklists and reports with IntouchCheck hotel audit app

Drive standards with real-time housekeeping report checklists

Create unlimited forms for on-the-job housekeeping reports with our easy-to-use form builder. Attach images and guidelines to adhere to, then verify standards by requiring photos to specific items. Trigger email alerts when issues are identified and create automated follow ups.

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Accelerate property maintenance inspections

Inspect properties with IntouchCheck, and flag items that require maintenance. Auto-email maintenance teams with pool inspection details and photos. Auto-set timelines for follow ups and track progress with images and comments. View a list of open items that require attention.

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Ensure food safety standards

Deliver exceptional room service

Record temperatures and define acceptable ranges. Add and comment on photos to paint a better picture. Set items as critical to auto-require follow ups, and instantly notify stakeholders if issues are found. Link your individual checklists to create a master hotel audit form.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Operations

Learn how to increase team accountability, streamline housekeeping processes, and more.

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Checklist software built for hotels

IntouchCheck has countless features that will take your hotel checklists to the next level.

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Save time, cut costs, and improve productivity and compliance. All for as low as $250/month.

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