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3 Ways IntouchCheck™ Helps During Labor Shortages

3 Ways IntouchCheck™ Helps During Labor Shortages

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Now that government mandated shutdowns are behind us and businesses are allowed to keep their doors open, brands are facing a shortage of front line workers across all industries. And this labor shortage doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon with a recent report saying 45% of frontline employees plan to leave their current jobs.

So as businesses look for every edge to retain current employees and attract new ones, we wanted to share three ways mobile inspection software like IntouchCheck™ can help your business during these challenging times.

  1. Get new staff members working autonomously faster
  2. Organize and automate to work more efficiently
  3. Easily acknowledge small wins to keep up morale

Get new staff members working autonomously faster

They say many hands make light work, but whoever coined that phrase likely never had to train new employees. The truth is, in the short term at least, new hires mean more work for supervisors and senior staff while they help get the new kids up to speed. And, when you’re under-staffed to begin with, this is time your current employees simply don’t have.

Mobile inspection software enables you to document your standard operating procedures and seamlessly rolls them out to employees in the field. This means your standard tasks and processes are all outlined, step by step within the app. So instead of having experienced employees walk new hires through the various tasks that need to be completed, you can simply arm them with a smart device and let IntouchCheck™ walk them through your standard procedures.

Pro Tip: IntouchCheck™ doesn’t only support image submissions from the field but also lets you insert example images into your checklists. This means you can add visual aids for team members completing tasks to compare their work to.

Organize and automate to work more efficiently

One of the main reasons front-line workers are leaving their current jobs is burnout. Giving your employees a leg up by breaking up tasks throughout the day and leveraging automation to give them time back are great ways to combat fatigue.

A well known restaurant chain experienced just this problem, and solved this by taking their longer daily operating checklist and broke it up into bite-sized checklists that automatically sent to employees on a regular cadence throughout the day.

With IntouchCheck™, you can create short to-do checklists and schedule them throughout the day, sending reminders to the appropriate staff members when it’s time to knock some things off the list. This way you can ensure daily tasks are completed while giving employees one less thing to worry about knowing they will be reminded when it’s time to check that the front steps are safe and salted.

You can also use automation in IntouchCheck™ to eliminate the need to manually review completed forms. By setting what is an acceptable response for a given checklist item, IntouchCheck™ can flag a supervisor when action is needed rather than that same supervisor assessing all responses. For example, if your walk-in fridge is getting too warm, IntouchCheck™ can automatically send a follow-up to the appropriate staff member. This eliminates wasted time reviewing items that don’t require any action.

Easily acknowledge small wins to keep up moralE

While flagging necessary follow-ups is a great way to leverage automation in order to save time, it can also be used as a great tool to highlight when kudos are deserved. With IntouchCheck™, you can customize the outcomes of completed audits and checklists. Instead of default pass or fail values, you can set what scores warrant acknowledgement and automatically trigger emails to the staff member who submitted the form or their supervisor to take the time to congratulate their team.

This acknowledgement doesn’t only have to relate to a single form submission. Using workflows, IntouchCheck™ can look at audit scores over time at each location and trigger a congratulatory email to location managers to let them know their team is executing their tasks flawlessly and that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Happy employees make a huge difference in the experience customers have with your brand. That’s why every advantage you can give your staff is also an investment in your CX program. If you’re still not sure IntouchCheck™ is right for your team, sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how powerful a tool it can be.

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