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    Boost productivity with no-nonsense automation and workflows

    LiaCX®'s CX Automation Hub gives you the power to build limitless custom workflows, enhance reporting, deliver operational efficiencies, and drive high value actions.

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    CX Automation | LiaCX® by Intouch Insight



    Drive action and reinforce behavior - automatically

    Setting up powerful, integrated workflows has never been easier! LiaCX® gives you the tools to create simple solutions for complex scenarios that drive relevant and proactive actions to take control of your customer’s experience.

    Dive into the power of the CX Automation Hub by clicking on the tiles below to uncover examples of how we can make your life easier

    dig deeper

    Proactively identify areas for deeper investigation

    Proactively identify areas for deeper investigation

    Have you received 5 negative online reviews from a single location in a row?

    Automatically create and assign cases when anomalies arise in real time.

    reinforce employee behavior

    Reinforce employee behavior and operating procedures

    Reinforce employee behavior and operating procedures

    Have you received a failing score for bathroom cleanliness in the last 3 inspections?

    Automatically trigger pre-built bathroom cleanliness checklists to be assigned and scheduled that run until scores return to a passing grade.


    Resolve customer issues immediately

    Resolve customer issues immediately

    Even the best CX program can be derailed if feedback isn’t actioned immediately.

    Don’t let your customers go unheard. Automatically trigger actions and address client concerns proactively.


    LiaCX® - your all-in-one CX automation hub

    Set company-wide, or location-based targets

    Define the success criteria for critical points along your customer’s journey, and manage the cases that fall below your standards.

    Use workflows to trigger the appropriate action when one or more success criteria is missed and leverage case management to see things through to resolution.


    performance threshold

    Act on aggregate events - not single data points

    LiaCX® enables you to build complex business rules based on multiple sets of criteria, not just single events. 

    Save time and scale growth with intelligent workflows that drive high value actions across your organization.

    merging arrows

    Enrich your data for enhanced reporting

    Bring added attention to key initiatives by automatically tagging your data without added manual effort.

    Use workflows to append tags or other metadata to derive more in-depth insights from simplified cross-program reporting and customer segmentation.



    The time to act is now

    Find out you can get the piece of mind you deserve by automating critical actions across your organization.