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        CX products and services optimized to drive safety and satisfaction for grocery retailers


        Find out the latest trends in consumer habits.


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        Take control of every aspect of your customer’s experience.

        From delivering consistent experiences from store-to-store, to ensuring staff are properly trained and meeting brand standards, Intouch’s blended approach to customer experience management enables grocery brands to build trust and loyalty, increase safety and consistency and drive operational excellence, all the while personalizing experiences to earn customers for life.


        Listen to your customers with surveys, social media monitoring, mystery shop programs, and third-party data.


        Dive into your data with robust reporting BI tools, AI-driven predictive analytics, and sentiment analysis.


        Turn data into action with Action Campaigns, Case Management, and Form Automation Software.

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        Build loyalty with your customers through safe and consistent experiences.

        Grocery stores have led the pack when it comes to realigning operations due to the pandemic. You need a partner that can support you over time as the business continues to evolve.

        Intouch goes beyond delivering a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand the grocery sector and have the goods to back it up! Dive into each of the following areas to understand how we can help by clicking on the card.


        Manage Multiple Locations

        Understand what’s going on, down to the location

        LiaCX’s flexible reporting gives real-time insights across all stores so you can see what’s working in one location vs another. Granular filters and permissions make sure you get the right information to the right people when it matters most - even delivered right to their inbox!


        Protect Customers & Staff

        Health and Safety is everyone’s #1 concern

        Grocery stores have been at the forefront of implementing new protocols to keep everyone safe since the start of the pandemic. Continue to ensure high standards with easy-to-build mobile checklists perfect for running internal audits and daily operational checklists.


        Standardize the Experience

        Make your customers feel at home regardless of the location

        Deliver consistent customer experiences across locations that meet brand and operational standards. Using a combination of internal and external auditing programs, Intouch supports you in ensuring employees are trained properly and can identify areas for improvement.


        Drive Satisfaction & Loyalty

        Identify the key drivers behind your customers’ satisfaction

        Leverage Intouch’s intuitive survey platform to measure your customers’ experiences pre and post-transactions. Conduct key driver analysis to understand what elements of the experience are having the greatest impact, and keep customers coming back.


        Ensuring Compliance

        Make sure employees are meeting standards

        Intouch’s mystery shop and audit programs are objective, 3rd party assessments that help you ensure compliance with brand and operational standards, health and safety requirements, and the sale of age-restricted products like tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or lottery.


        Resolve Issues Quickly

        Don’t wait for an issue to become a problem

        Whether it’s a poor NPS score, a bad online review, or a failed audit or inspection, LiaCX’s CX Automation drives action behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Focus on what matters most to your business, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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