Automated case management for your CX support team

Stay on top of customer cases by automating processes and empowering employees to take action. 

Close the loop

Resolving a negative experience is critical, but CX leaders know that closing the loop with customers has the power to transform detractors into loyal brand ambassadors.

LiaCX action campaign technology includes built-in task automation, so you can assign, track and verify completion of tasks, ensuring that issues are resolved, frontline staff are closing the loop and customers are delighted.

Easily manage your customers unpredictability

Better control over customer case management

Automate both simple and complex customer service processes.

Improve case resolution performance

Set triggers to route, queue and assign tasks based on feedback from any listening source.

Better leverage promoters

Automate follow-up activities after customers provide feedback, and encourage positive reviews.

Get the insights you need

Find and address problems before they escalate. 

Automate notifications for optimal performance

Respond to customers in real-time

Automatically notify CX support team when feedback is received by setting up triggers based on keywords.

Stay informed on ticket status

Receive alerts across devices when a customer problem has been actioned with details of the issue and identified timeframe for resolution.

Mitigate high-risk situations

Escalate problems to the right person based on automated rules and scenarios.

Automated case management notification on mobile

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