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        Empower your teams to do the best work of their careers

        With Case Management in LiaCX®, you can instantly rescue unhappy customers, follow-up with brand evangelists, and recognize frontline superstars for a job well done. Enable your teams to be the customer experience heroes we need!

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        "72% of customers who leave a negative review or feedback expect a response within 60 minutes, and 50% of customers will never buy from you again if their complaint isn't addressed."
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        You are in control

        By arming your frontline and support teams with the tools needed to put out fires, you’ll ensure issues are resolved before they escalate. Go from reactive to proactive by creating an automated case management system to close the loop on every customer interaction.

        Create hierarchies to ensure the right people receive feedback at the right time. Arm your management team with the tools to track, assign follow-ups, and drive compliance quickly and automatically.

        Case management includes built-in task management so you can assign, track, and verify the completion of tasks at every location. Dashboard and report on time to respond, outcomes, and future tasks to drive improvements across your brand.

        Turn every piece of feedback into an opportunity to create a brand champion

        Be notified of positive or negative feedback as soon as it is shared by a customer. Give your teams the tools they need to manage feedback effectively. And save time in the process!

        Trigger Automatic Alerts

        Instantly alert team members via email about overall scores, answers to specific questions, sentiment, and more.

        Provide Relevant Information

        All alerts include the necessary information teams need for actioning the case and can be downloaded in a PDF format.

        Assign Cases

        Ensure cases are escalated to the right people so action can be taken quickly and efficiently.

        Set Due Dates

        Make it easy for teams to prioritize cases by setting due dates.

        Add Photos and Comments

        Teams can easily collaborate on cases by adding comments and photos. All tasks are tracked in a conversation style history record.

        Monitor Progress & Close the Loop

        Setup email notifications so the relevant stakeholders can keep track of case progress and review outcomes.


        All of your case management needs in one platform


        Cases can be triggered based on the data and results from any program or source as long as it is stored within LiaCX®.


        Top-rated customer experience software

        We have been recognized as industry leaders in providing customer experience software. Customer experience excellence is within your reach.

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