Drive results with delightful customer experiences

LiaCX™ is the only customer experience management solution with patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology, which helps CX pros in all industries take action on VoC data to deliver brilliant customer experiences.

LiaCX for automotive

Your key to success

Using integrated survey software, mystery shopping and auditing solutions, combined with unsolicited feedback from social media and review sites, LiaCX makes it easy to learn more about what your customers value from the showroom floor to ongoing service appointments.

Customer going for a test drive

LiaCX for convenience and gas chains

Build trust and loyalty

Gain valuable customer intelligence with a customer experience (CX) platform that combines and collects data from surveys, mystery shopping, audits, review sites, and more. Identify top and low performing locations and empower front-line teams to act on CX data so you can deliver exceptional experiences that keep your customers coming back.

Happy customer pumping gas at favourite convenience and gas chain

LiaCX for finance and insurance

A game-changing CX solution

Artificial intelligence helps increase retention by identifying your customers who are most likely to churn, so you can incentivize them to stay loyal to your brand.

Happy clients being served by financial planner

LiaCX for healthcare

Drive patient advocacy through better experiences

Collect feedback at every touchpoint in the patient journey. Understand where to prioritize your efforts whether it’s to reduce patient wait times, create more positive experiences, or bridge the gap between the digital and physical experience. Easily integrate with third party tools such as Salesforce Health Cloud.

Doctor delivering a positive patient experience

LiaCX for restaurants

Treat your guests to a world-class experience

Identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction and other restaurant KPIs. Use patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology to assign specific actions to frontline teams so they can drive the necessary improvements across your locations.

Customers Being Served At Restaurant having a great customer experience

LiaCX for retail

Empower every location to reach its true potential

Combine all your customer data to give you a complete view of your customer journey, and make targeted business improvements to accelerate the delivery of a consistent in-store experience.

Customer Shopping at Retail Store

LiaCX for telecommunication

Resolve customer issues in real-time

Gain a complete picture of your customer's journey. Collect customer feedback in real-time and instantly alert the right team members when issues arise so they can be resolved immediately. Flexible, role-based dashboards empower teams across your organization to quickly view the data that’s relevant to them, pinpoint issues impacting the customer experience, and take action to improve customer retention.

Telecommunication agent resolving a customer issue

LiaCX for travel and hospitality

Deliver a 5-star experience

Anticipate and deliver on your guests needs throughout their entire experience. Ensure customer service issues are addressed instantly and track the progress of each task to ensure it’s completed, closing the loop with every customer.

Experience of a Guest Checking Into Hotel

Be one step ahead of your customers with LiaCX

Take your customer experience to the next level