Find the needle in your CX haystack

Transform open-ended customer feedback into actionable insights so you can identify emerging trends and proactively attend to CX issues before they escalate.

Uncover the hidden value in your data

No more sifting through endless comments and conversations. Text analytics organizes your unstructured customer feedback from open-ended survey responses and social media, feeding into a single dashboard of meaningful information.

Stay ahead of open-ended feedback

Draw insights from huge volumes of unstructured feedback and identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour.

Listen to the many voices of your customers

Draw the insights you need to make confident business decisions without having to comb through countless amounts of customer feedback.

Discover insights that directly impact KPIs

Reveal customer sentiments, concerns, and intentions, and quantify them to direct immediate, real-time actions that can be correlated to your KPIs.

Screenshot showing LiaCX dashboard

Your customer experience secret sauce

Resolve issues before they escalate

Categorize customer comments with sentiment analysis to easily detect patterns and spot emerging issues.

Aggregate data by location

Uncover CX issues at specific locations and create action campaigns to remedy situations.

Share information across your organization

Create unique dashboards for each stage of your customers journey and share with the right people, at the right time.

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