Leverage social media to improve your CX

Convert unstructured social media and online feedback into powerful insights you can act on.

Deliver an exceptional experience across all channels

Your customers are always going to share their experiences with your brand publicly — both good and bad. LiaCX helps you discover emerging trends and topics that impact your customers, so you can take action in real-time.

Harness insights from what your customers are saying


Manage your brand reputation

Monitor social media, blogs, forums, and news sites for mentions of your brand. Discover new places people are talking about your brand and gather insights about your products or services so you can take action to better meet your customers’ needs.

Chart showing social media contributing to revenue increase

Analyze and interpret

Quickly assess customer sentiment

With LiaCX, you can combine unsolicited online feedback with the rest of your customer data to gain a better picture of performance. Natural language processing quickly converts massive amounts of text into actionable insights and helps you discover emerging CX issues before they become negative trends.

Social media sentiment chart

Respond to issues in real-time

Assign tasks and track progress

Set up alerts based on customizable triggers including keywords and customer sentiment so you can action CX issues before they turn into recurring problems. Assign tasks to the appropriate employee at the right location to resolve negative experiences, and prevent future issues.

Alert assigning task based on negative social media review

Start gathering unsolicited feedback