Leverage social media to improve your CX

Transform unstructured social media and online reviews into rich insights with sentiment analysis on text, audio and video.

Deliver an exceptional experience across all channels

Your customers are already sharing their experiences with your brand publicly — both good and bad. LiaCX helps you discover emerging trends and topics your customers are talking about online, so you can take action in real-time.

Harness insights from what your customers are saying

Monitor over 65 social media and review sites

Pull data from over 65 popular review sites including Hotels.com, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and many more. View and respond to reviews and mentions from a single platform.

Proactively manage your brand reputation

Monitor social media, review sites, blogs, forums, and news sites for mentions of your brand. Discover new places where people are talking about your brand, and gather insights about your products or services so you can take action to improve your brand esteem.

Analyze and interpret online customer feedback

Understand the customer experience at each location

Identify trends with text analytics

Natural language processing instantly converts massive amounts of text into actionable insights so you can stop emerging CX issues before they become negative trends.

Measure customer emotion

Understand customer perception through automatic sentiment analysis. Colored word clouds make it easy to see the sentiment associated with each word.

View performance by location

Automatically link data from reviews and mentions to specific business locations. Hone in on recurring keywords to learn more about how your products and services are perceived at each location.

Compare performance

Use competitive benchmarking to see how each location stacks up to your competition. Compare results to other performance data to get a complete picture of location performance.

Social Dashboard

Be one step ahead of a PR nightmare

Keep a pulse on your brand’s online reputation and make it easy for teams to quickly respond to positive and negative feedback.

Drill down and respond to individual reviews and social mentions with a single click.

Make targeted customer experience improvements

Use social media and other online feedback to identify recurring CX issues and create campaigns to improve CX at specific locations using patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology. Set a goal around you want to improve, like your TripAdvisor score.

Empower frontline teams to deliver better experiences

Assign specific tasks frontline teams must complete in order to achieve the desired CX improvements.

Track progress

Verify whether tasks are completed and see the impact actions are having on achieving your goal at each location.

Social Reviews

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