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        Boost ROI by predicting the actions that will have the greatest impact

        LiaCX®’s built-in predictive analytics capabilities seamlessly enable you to make data-driven decisions on where to invest your time, money, and effort.

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        Get the edge on your competition

        The most successful CX professionals are taking advantage of powerful tools that amplify their efforts and drive intelligent insights from their CX data.

        The predictive analytics in LiaCX offer next-level insights that help you drive sustainable change and focus on revenue-generating activities.

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        How it Works

        Predictive analytics is a form of deep-learning (artificial intelligence) used to predict future events and trends. It is used to identify the forces that are driving key behaviors, in addition to having the ability to map and anticipate future patterns, needs, and expectations that have the ability to influence business outcomes.


        Identify your key drivers

        LiaCX’s proprietary algorithm analyzes all your program data so you can see, at a glance, which actions have the greatest impact on your business’ key performance indicators, like NPS, average deal size, or customer retention rates.


        Predict the impact of change

        The interactive dashboards will help you prioritize where to invest time and resources in order to achieve the biggest impact on overall scores.


        The time to act is now!

        Get started with a personal demo so you can see how you can predict your path to success!