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2019 Annual Drive-thru Study

The 19th Annual Drive-thru Study reveals key insights to improve drive-thru performance.

  • How much do order inaccuracies cost
  • Where are total times headed?
  • Which investments are right for your brand?
  • Who’s on top in accuracy, speed, taste and service?

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drive-thru-study 2019


Shifting Gears in Drive-thru Essentials

Consumer expectations are shifting, and quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are learning they must get on board to stay in the game. Download the 2019 Drive-thru Study to discover how your brand stacks up in speed of service, order accuracy, taste and customer service.

The 2019 Drive-thru Study was conducted in conjunction with QSR magazine.


Download the full 2019 Drive-thru Study


Inside The 2019 QSR Drive-thru Study


How much are inaccurate orders costing you?

On average, brands are losing 29.4 seconds per transaction due to inaccurate orders. To put that in perspective, that’s over $52,574.60 on average thrown away annually per store unit. Now imagine those losses system-wide for your brand.

Where are total service times headed?

Increases in total service times over the last year on average are costing QSRs roughly $36,397.80 per unit per year. That means brands with roughly 5,000 locations could lose $181,989,000 system-wide due to increased total service times.

Who's on top in accuracy, speed, taste and service?

The results are in and there’s a new leader in overall drive-thru performace. Who’s on top, and more importantly, is your brand messaging coming through the drive-thru? The answer lies in the 2019 Drive-Thru Study results.