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      Unleash your data to earn more customers, revenue, trust, insight, consistency, savings

      Bring your voice of customer data to life with IntouchSurvey™. Boost productivity, strengthen your focus and earn back what you spend on CX. Start building a customer-centric business, today.





      How IntouchSurvey™ Helps

      "It can cost five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one."

      Retain Existing Customers

      Use Survey to understand what your customers love about you as well as what they might like to see from you in the future to ensure they keep coming back.


      Increase Average Deal Size

      Use Survey to dig deeper into your customer's experience. If they're coming to you to fill one need, why not others? Identify and resolve any aspects of your customer journey that is prohibiting them from taking advantage of your full offerings.

      Acquire New Customers

      Whether you're replicating a success or filling a gap, learnings from one customer interaction are an opportunity for everyone that follows. As you leverage surveys to continuously learn from your existing customers it will increase your ability to attract and wow new ones.


      Send Surveys Users WANT to Complete


      Show what you know

      You know your customers, so show them you've been paying attention. Include personalized details such as locations visited or items purchased so they see they're not just getting a generic questionnaire.


      Make it easy

      Dynamic logic means you can create one survey that adapts to each recipient. Use simple logic to show or hide questions based on a user's responses or customer attribute - saving them time and increasing your completion rate.



      Take smart surveys further

      Prevent survey fatigue with our Survey Health feature which estimates survey completion time and completion rates. Schedule surveys so you know you’re reaching your customers at the right time. These aren't your grandpa's surveys.


      The Survey Trifecta


      Track Customer Satisfaction in order to monitor overall brand sentiment and build brand loyalty. Leverage feedback to refine processes and launch new initiatives.


      Dig even deeper into your customer's experiences with Customer Effort Scores. Automatically trigger a survey after a transaction while the interaction is freshest.


      Support your brand champions and learn from any detractors with your Net Promoter Score. Our intuitive dashboards makes it easy to review at a glance and dig deeper to drive actionable insights.


      Make the Most of Your Data

      Dedicated Dashboards

      Understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Set goals for improvement and compare performance over time.

      Filter and Drill Down

      Drill down to specific survey answer summaries or filter to view your data by date, question, location, attributes and more.

      Centralized Contact Center

      Keep all of your contact data in one spot to simplify survey deployments and track respondents over time.

      COVID19 EHS Opt1


      Did you know...

      We have a COVID-19 Health Screening App? Enabling businesses to proactively manage the safety and well-being of employees & visitors as we combat COVID-19.

      Contactless data-capture 
       Zero installation required


      The time to act is now!

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