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    Save more, earn more, and drive loyalty with IntouchSurvey™

    Retain Existing Customers

    Use IntouchSurvey™ to pinpoint and understand what it is your customers love about you, as well as what they might like to see from you in the future. Use the data you collect to keep customers coming back.

    Increase Average Deal Size

    Get to know your customers. If they're coming to you to fill one need, why not others? Identify & resolve aspects of the customer journey prohibiting them from taking advantage of your full offering.

    Acquire New Customers

    Whether replicating a success or filling a gap, learnings from one customer interaction are an opportunity for all that follow. Leverage survey insights to enhance your ability to attract & wow new business.


    More than a survey.
    Here’s what makes us unique.

    Understand Performance Across Business Locations

    Are you a location-based business in need of better visibility around location performance? IntouchSurvey™ is made for you!

    Slice-and-dice data across multiple touch points, and map your organizational structure to get a bird’s eye view of your business. Deploy standard surveys across multiple-locations to uncover trending issues. Collect aggregate data in dashboards & reporting, and make sure individual responses are flagged to the right people at the right location for immediate action.

    Location Manager

    Take Meaningful Action

    With IntouchSurvey™’s one-of-a-kind Action Campaign technology you can easily identify, track, and analyze the influence of key drivers against your KPIs. 

    Key drivers help determine the areas of a business that are most important to customers. Understanding the impact that actions taken will have on performance will help you rally your organization, from top-to-bottom, at every location, around your shared objectives to keep your teams focused on what matters most.

    action campaigns

    Set-and-Forget Automation You Can Count On

    IntouchSurvey’s™ CX Automation Hub is designed to help organizations boost productivity and strengthen their focus. No more micro-management.

    Automate easy-to-build workflows triggered by real-time data to drive immediate action across your organization. Build limitless custom workflows, enhance reporting, deliver operational efficiencies, and drive high-value, proactive actions. Set and forget triggers, workflows, and rules that keep your business running smoothly.

    Automation Hub

    Key Features

    Theme Builder

    Intuitive drag-and-drop design makes it easy to customize a survey to match your brand

    Contact Management

    Keep all of your contact data in one place, simplifying survey deployment and tracking over time

    Easy Distribution

    Survey distribution the way you want it, when you want it by email, link, social, QR code, embed code, or SMS

    Question Library

    The built-in question library is loaded with standard industry question types to get you up and running quickly

    Custom Dashboards

    Understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction & dissatisfaction. Set goals for improvement & compare performance over time

    Location Management

    Slice-and-dice your data by location. Multi-faceted reporting and analysis provides a better sense of overall business health


    Why brands everywhere are choosing IntouchSurvey™

    All our plans offer:



    Questions per Survey more user-based pricing!

    At Intouch, we deliver solutions that help you grow your business. Our prices are based on what you do, not how many people do it. Read more to learn about our plans!

    Extremely user-friendly and really powerful!
    The Intouch platform helps us to take measurable actions that allow us to better achieve our business goals.

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