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Product Updates

 introducing custom reporting periods for enhanced analytics

1 min read

Empowering Insights: Custom Reporting Periods for Enhanced Analytics

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our reporting capabilities based on valuable customer feedback. Over the past few months, our...

Display the average score of your mystery shop program in your dashboard.

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: A New Grade-A Feature!

At Intouch Insight, we’re constantly working on releasing new features to help you reach the top of your game. We are starting the new year with an...

4 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Happy Holidays!

It’s the holiday season and with the new year coming up, we wanted to reflect on the year we had. Across the past 12 months, we have released several...


2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Resource Roundup!

This year at Intouch Insight, we have focused on getting our customers the resources they need to succeed. To support this initiative, we have...

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: New Checklist Templates!

At Intouch Insight, we are always looking for new ways to save our customers time. This month, we have added three new checklist templates to the...

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Do more with your Data!

This month at Intouch Insight we have introduced several new updates to our CX platform. These changes will help you get the most out of your data so...

CX Tech Top-ups: Powerful PDFs!

At Intouch Insight, we are always looking to ensure that our customers have what they need to be successful. This month, we have made changes to our...


1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: Level-up with Intouch!

At Intouch Insight, we are always looking to level up our software so that our users can continue to strive for customer experience excellence. This...

1 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: You’re Invited to Our Software Training Webinar!

Here at Intouch Insight, we are always working with our customers to help elevate their customer experience game. In support of this, we have...

New add-on features packs are available in the Intouch Insight Platform

2 min read

CX Tech Top-ups: New Product Add-On Feature Packs!

The Intouch Insight Platform just got a lot more powerful! Our new add-on feature packs allow you to customize the Intouch Insight Platform to meet...