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Experience CX excellence in the fast lane!

Intouch Insight's mystery shopping services are designed to analyze every customer interaction throughout the automotive journey. From the initial call or the showroom visit to post-sales services, our programs deliver actionable insights to enhance your customer experience at every step. 


mystery shopping for automotive and car dealerships

40+ years of CX mastery

We take pride in partnering with numerous automotive businesses across North America to measure brand service standards and improve customer experiences.

Listening from all angles

Break free from data silos by integrating data from every CX program out there including CSAT & NPS® surveys, operational audits & inspections, and mystery shopping.

Technology-powered Solution

We are the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, helping you perceive, interpret and act on insights through our scalable CX solutions.

Multi-location First

Our shop programs are designed to help you get operational visibility across dealership locations and deliver consistent experience.

On-time Completion Rate

With a vast network of shoppers, Intouch Insight offers the most promising on-time completion rate in the industry.

Multi-channel Monitoring

Our teams are adept at designing cross-channel programs that ensure you deliver on your brand promise across all customer touchpoints. 


Navigate the road to exceptional customer experience.

Put us in the driver's seat, and we will ensure that your dashboards are filled with actionable insights, empowering you to improve your customer experience at every step. 

At Intouch Insight, we understand the importance of having high quality qualitative and quantitative data to help you refine your operations so you can secure new customers and keep them coming back. From dealerships to rental services to parts & service, Intouch Insight’s solutions will help you grow your business by unlocking valuable insights.

Race ahead

It's a fierce competition out there. Get crystal-clear, actionable insights on how you measure up against your competitors using competitor programs.

Steer Operations With Insights

Location-level performance, departmental scores,  and trend data over time all stack up to give you opportunities to level up your CX game.

Fine-tune Training Programs

Improve the ROI of your training programs by understanding employee skill gaps and targeting your training to address those gaps. 

Drive Smooth, Always!

No one likes a rough ride. When managing multiple locations, consistency is the key to winning customers' loyalty & turning them into brand ambassadors.

Make Every Pit Stop Count

Customers appreciate the convenience of digital channels but they also value a personal human touch. Make every interaction count.

Get More Mileage

Our CX platform goes beyond basic reporting, enabling issue management through assigned cases that can be monitored until resolution.


Push Boundaries, Ignite Growth, and Beat the Competition.

With a lock-in period averaging five to ten years, each customer interaction carries immense business value. It's no longer sufficient to deliver exceptional customer experiences solely during the sales cycle; the need extends far beyond.


Sales Process

From the moment customers start their online search for a vehicle, the automotive sales process begins. Our Mystery Shopping program evaluates each step of the customer journey. By mapping this experience and assessing every interaction, we help you enhance your customer experience and convert prospective buyers into lifelong customers. 

What we typically measure:
  • Scheduling appointments    •    Execution of promotions

  • Test drive experience              •     Delivery of vehicle

  • Sales process & paperwork  •      Pricing transparency

  • Sales experience

Drive success, mile by mile →

car sales process

Repair and Maintenance

Transform one-time purchases into recurring revenue. When customers recognize your expertise and trust you with their vehicles, they become loyal patrons who have a profound impact on your bottom line.

What we evaluate:

  • Accuracy of repair estimates      •    Quality of experience
  • Quality of workmanship                •     Level of communication

Elevate the lifetime value per customer →

service centres

Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

When customers seek cost-effective solutions for repairs and maintenance, aftermarket parts and accessories providers become their go-to choice. However, navigating the many compatible products can be overwhelming. Our programs provide actionable customer insights so you can build a trust-worthy brand.

What we typically measure:

  • Employee adherence to standards       •   Return policies
  • Product warranties       •    Billing experience
  • Quality of experience

Be an aftermarket ally →
aftermarket parts and accessories

Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for your business’s success, and this landscape will change from region to region. Use Intouch’s competitive intelligence mystery shopping services to better understand how your competitors are meeting your potential customers’ needs.

What we evaluate:

  • Competitive pricing     •    Quality of service
  • Promotions offered     •    Sales process & experience
  • Service center experience

Keep your prices in check and remain competitive →

competition analysis

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Want to find out how your brand measures up?

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Your Brand Data

150 Mystery Shops conducted on your locations. Price includes all shopper fees and food reimbursements.

Complete Research Package

Access your results alongside the 10 benchmark brands. Raw data files included.

Custom Reporting

Your portal comes pre-loaded with custom dashboards for your brand and a personal advisory call to review results.


Deliver consistent experiences at every turn.

When buying and servicing vehicles, today’s consumers expect an omni-channel experience. To ensure a seamless customer experience, brands must constantly shift gears and test the performance of every customer touchpoint. 

onsite mystery shopping

Onsite Mystery Shopping

Nothing beats a good conversation with someone in-person. In-person interactions allow you to truly connect, understand customers' needs and preferences, and establish trust through exceptional customer service. With a mystery shopping program, you can effectively measure and assess the execution of your brand's service standards during these face-to-face interactions.

telephone mystery shopping

Phone Mystery Shopping

As this can be the initial point of contact for prospective buyers, a phone call sets the tone for their entire experience. A mystery shopping program gives you the ability to assess how your staff handles inquiries, provides information, and creates a lasting first impression over the phone.

It can help you identify areas for improvement, optimize customer interactions, and ensure that each prospective buyer receives the highest level of service and attention from the moment they reach out.

virtual mystery shopping

Online Mystery Shopping

The use of AI and chatbots is blurring the lines between human and automated responses, making it difficult for customers to tell who they are interacting with. Nowadays, customers can buy parts and accessories online and share their purchase experience with just a click, without ever visiting a physical store. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate this touchpoint to ensure a consistent customer experience.


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