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      Intouch Insight offers a Customer Intelligence Platform that shows you where and how to earn customers for life. Combined with our mystery shopping, operational performance, and audit solutions, we help businesses get an end-to-end view of their customers’ experience.

      If that wasn’t enough, we even do the work for you…

      At Intouch Insight, we are your virtual CEM team!

      Deep expertise from 40+ years delivering services

      Bridging the gap between operational data and customer feedback

      Advanced analytics tools to help businesses make decisions that delight their customers and drive loyalty


      The Origin Story

      Just over 40 years ago, Intouch launched with a mystery shopping program. Many people equate mystery shopping with loss prevention, but it goes beyond that. It's about measuring different touchpoints within the buyers’ journey.

      In 1992 we were the first market research company to develop kiosks to collect electronic data in the field. Originally, a lot of people knew us as "the kiosk company".

      Collecting customer and operational insights has been in our DNA since the beginning. Our experiences led us to the innovation of LiaCX®, transforming decades of expertise into a game-changing customer experience management (CEM) platform for the businesses of today and tomorrow. With LiaCX you’ll never again struggle to Listen to your customers, Interpret the results, and Act on the data.

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      Customer experience is the currency of the future

      Today we offer integrated customer experience management software and services that help customer-centric, multi-location businesses ensure their operations are aligned with customer expectations.


      Growing our business

      As an ambitious and growing company, we have successfully acquired several industry-leading experts in the fields of customer experience, mystery shopping, and operational audit, to join the Intouch family.

      We continue to strive to be a leader in delivering products and services that enable our clients to listen to their consumers, interpret the results, and create actionable plans to delight customers and improve their bottom line.

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      Our Offices

      T: 1-800-263-2980

      Ottawa (HQ)
      400 March Road
      Ottawa, ON
      K2K 3H4

      1061 Red Ventures Drive, #175
      Fort Mill, SC

      2963 Joseph A. Bombardier
      Laval, QC
      H7P 6C4


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