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        Ensure your staff sell safely & responsibly

        Monitor and enforce all tobacco, e-cigarette, vaping, alcohol, and lottery laws and standards across your business locations.

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        Monitor compliance while promoting responsible sales

        Safeguard your business by keeping laws and regulations front and center.

        Improve employee accountability

        Feel confident that your staff is selling safely and responsibly by verifying the ages of all your customers before serving them.

        Keep your customers safe

        Prevent dangerous situations resulting from over-serving or underage consumption of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or alcohol.

        Protect your brand's reputation

        Avoid the legal risk and severe fines or penalties by auditing compliance among your staff. Find out whether or not employees are asking customers for a piece of identification to verify their age.


        Your business is complex, make responsible sales simple

        Get an accurate picture of how employees handle selling alcohol and tobacco products.

        Remotely monitor your operations

        Easily access reports in real-time, from any device. Identify trending issues and action them immediately with the click of a button.

        Receive accurate, unbiased feedback

        Get an inside perspective of your team’s performance and compliance to laws and standards from the customer’s point of view.

        Uphold standards at every location

        With custom-designed programs to fit your specific goals, you can measure age verification and compare performance results across locations.

        Combating underage use is a key priority at Juul Labs as we work to create a more responsible marketplace for vapor products. Intouch Insight has been a valued partner in these efforts, helping us implement a variety of underage use prevention programs, including bolstering our age-verification capabilities and expanding our mystery shop program at retail. We look forward to building on this collaboration as Juul Labs strives to reset the vapor category in the U.S. and earn trust among key stakeholders.
        Ross B.
        Director of Retailer Compliance, Underage Use Prevention, JUUL Labs


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