Ensure that your staff is selling safely and responsibly.

Monitor and enforce all tobacco and alcohol laws and standards across your locations. 

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Promote responsible sales amongst your staff. 

Receive accurate, unbiased feedback.

  • Ensure that your staff are verifying the ages of all your customers before serving them. Certified shoppers in a specific age range will order alcohol or tobacco products from your selected locations. 
  • Emphasize responsibility amongst your staff. Find out whether or not staff are asking for a piece of identification to verify their age. 
  • Enforce compliance on a daily basis. Ensure your staff can distinguish the difference between valid and fake pieces of identification. 


Responsible sales mystery shopping program

Get insights from a customer's perspective.

  • Protect the image of your brand. Audit compliance to avoid legal risk or severe fines and penalties. 
  • Establish best practices. Safeguard the wellbeing of your customers. 
  • Measure team performance. Evaluate your staff to check if their performance is up to standard. 

Collect richer data. 

  • Receive reports in real-time. React to results quickly and effectively. 
  • Make informed decisions. Assess negative results and implement best practices. 
  • Get the most from your reports. Easily share results with team members. 
  • Look for areas of improvement. Compare results over time and look for trends in your data. 


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