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Measure dine-in, delivery & drive-thru experiences all at once. 

Intouch Insight's mystery shopping programs are designed to help you learn what drives customers to your restaurant and uncover insights on multi-channel experience so you can provide a consistent customer experience.

A member of the Mystery Shopping Professional Association 2023.        Top-Company-2022-Shopper-Insights



Measure guest experiences across channels, including dine-in, 3rd-party delivery, curbside pick-up & drive-thru simultaneously.

40+ years of CX mastery

Our Mystery Shopping solution is designed based on years of hands-on expertise measuring brand service standards.

Listening from all angles

Our suite of solutions seamlessly combines Mystery Shop data with other CX metrics to give you a complete picture.

Technology-powered solution

Intouch Insight is the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, delivering deep insights to drive action.

Multi-location First

Our shop programs are designed to help you get operational visibility across locations and deliver consistent experience.

On-time Completion Rate

With a vast network of shoppers, Intouch Insight offers the most promising on-time completion rate in the industry.

Multi-channel Monitoring

Ensure you’re delivering on your brand promises by measuring key metrics across channels such as dine-in, delivery, curbside pickup, or drive-thru.


See how we can help you in under 90 seconds.

Designed for multi-location restaurants, Intouch Insight's technology-powered mystery shopping solutions provide brands with unbiased measurement of key metrics like speed of service, food temperature, staff friendliness, and order accuracy across all customer touchpoints. We serve some of the top multi-location dine-in, quick-serve, and fast-serve restaurants across North America.


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Deliver the consistency your customers crave.

A truly customer-centric brand never shies away from listening to its customers, interpreting their feedback, and acting upon it to improve their experience. Our best-in-class solution empowers brands to measure the moments that matter and exceed customer expectations at every stage of their journey.

360° CX View

Enrich your mystery shopping data with other CX metrics. Easily integrate data from a Voice of Customer program or operational inspections.

Advanced Automations

Automatically identify locations that consistently perform well or poorly over time to boost productivity, streamline processes, and automate feedback.

Robust Reporting

Our intelligence platform centralizes all your cx data to drive actionable insights across all your locations so you can leverage intel like never before. 

Richer Results

Conduct deeper analysis without manual effort by automatically enriching your data with key attributes so you can easily segment and compare results.

Quality Assurance

Our team of experts reviews all field data before it enters the platform so you can drive business decisions with confidence.

Tailored programs

Get away from a one-size-fits-all approach. We help restaurants run shop programs that deliver on your unique needs - on time and to your standards.


Develop a customer-centric culture at the heart of your restaurant.

With so many ways for consumers to engage with restaurants, from mobile apps to drive-thru and take-out, and everything in-between providing a consistent experience has never been more critical. That's why it’s crucial to regularly measure key metrics that matter to your customers.

Speed of Service

Customers don't like to wait, regardless of the channel they use - dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, or delivery. Even small delays in service time can disappoint. To drive loyalty, you must deliver services faster than the projected time.

Our mystery shopping program can easily measure the time it takes to serve your customers against your brand standards.

Assess customer service standards →  

speed of service

Quality of Food

We live in a highly visual world driven by social media, where we eat first with our eyes. Food temperature, presentation, and tastes all impact customers’ experience with your food.

Our mystery shoppers can objectively report on how your locations deliver on brand standards and customer expectations.

Review your food quality standards →  

food quality

Satisfaction with Service

Customers who skip a home-cooked meal for the one prepared by your restaurant expect more than just good food. They want to feel special. So give them a warm welcome, appreciate their presence, and never miss parting remarks. A good level of engagement goes a long way.

Our solution enables you to track the level of staf engagement and how servers stack up to your service standards across locations.

Monitor the level of staff engagement →  

level of staff engagement

Order Accuracy

Everything comes at a cost and, when it comes to order accuracy small errors can make a big impact - to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for multi-location brands.

Intouch Insight’s mystery shopping programs help you monitor order accuracy so you can eliminate these unnecessary losses.

Don’t let inaccuracy cost you →  

order accuracy

Get up to speed with the latest consumer insights!

Stay tuned with the latest happenings in the restaurant, QSR & FSR industry.


Want to find out how your brand measures up?

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Your Brand Data

150 Mystery Shops conducted on your locations. Price includes all shopper fees and food reimbursements.

Complete Research Package

Access your results alongside the 10 benchmark brands. Raw data files included.

Custom Reporting

Your portal comes pre-loaded with custom dashboards for your brand and a personal advisory call to review results.