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Delight your customers; at every location, with every visit! 

Intouch Insight's mystery shopping solution for multi-unit retailers is designed to elevate your customer experience and ensure consistency across all touchpoints, whether in person or online. 


retail mystery shopping
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40+ years of CX mastery

We take pride in partnering with some of the top retail chains in North America, to measure brand service standards and improve customer experiences.

Listening from all angles

Our solutions seamlessly integrate NPS and CSAT surveys and Operational Audits & Inspections with mystery shopping data to get the complete picture.

Technology-powered solution

We are the most technologically advanced mystery shopping provider, helping you perceive, interpret and act on insights through our scalable CX solutions.

Multi-unit First

Harness the power of Intouch Insight’s enterprise-level mystery shopping solutions designed specifically for large multi-unit operators.

On-time Completion Rate

We believe in building relationships with our customers and shoppers alike. That's why we have the highest on-time completion rate in the industry.

Multi-channel Monitoring

Our teams are adept at designing cross-channel programs that ensure you deliver on your brand promise across all customer touchpoints. 


Give your customers a cart-full-of-reasons to come back.

Intouch Insight delivers actionable insights so you can enhance your customer experience. We achieve this by seamlessly integrating  mystery shopping data with our proprietary software, including CSAT & NPS surveys, inspection software, and our CX intelligence platform so our customers can effectively align their operations with customer expectations.

Deliver Consistent Experiences

Consistency in CX is key to win customer loyalty in the long term. Remember, a bad experience at one location can tarnish the entire brand’s reputation.

Dive Deep, Strike Gold

Location-level performance, departmental scores,  and trend data over time all stack up to give you opportunities to level up your customer satisfaction game.

Improve Return on Training

Tailor training and coaching to address skill gaps identified in your mystery shopping results , focusing on specific areas that will drive the biggest impact on the bottom line. 

Outshine the Competition

With Intouch Insights reporting and analytics dashboards, you'll get crystal-clear, actionable insights so you can make data-driven decisions to increase your competitiveness in the market.

Delight at Every Touchpoint

Emphasizing onsite experience is not enough anymore as consumer interest in online sales & curbside pickup has become an expected part of the customer journey.

Improvements, Sorted!

The Intouch Insight platform goes beyond simple reporting tools, with the capabilities to manage issues by assigning cases that can be tracked and monitored through to resolution.


Don't rely on off-the-shelf programs.

No two business problems are the same. That's why our amazing team of experts stand ready to collaborate with you closely. We establish precise objectives, design detailed questionnaires, and do comprehensive assessments, all to ensure that your mystery shopping programs are a roaring success.


Customer Service

Businesses have made shopping convenient by laying products aisle-by-aisle. But sometimes, customers need extra help, whether finding the right product, answering their questions, or guidance. Those interactions play a crucial role in creating a positive shopping experience.

That's why we put a lot of emphasis on evaluating those interactions based on factors like friendliness, knowledge, responsiveness, and problem-solving abilities. This measurement can help identify areas for improvement in training and coaching customer-facing staff.

Let's make every interaction count! →

customer service

Brand Standards

One of the challenges in managing multiple store locations is ensuring a consistent customer experience. Consistency helps customers feel comfortable and familiar, regardless of which site they visit. Therefore, our programs are designed to assess if each location follows the same brand standards, such as layout, signage, and overall store presentation.

Keep customers coming back for more! →


Price Audits

In a competitive market, price plays a significant role in customer decision-making. Measuring and comparing prices with competitors' offerings ensures that you stay competitive and give your customers a reason to stick around.

Almost every big box store has price-matching strategies to induce customer loyalty. That is why it's worth evaluating the effectiveness of such strategies and implementing them across all your stores.

Keep your prices in check and remain competitive! →

price comparison

Merchandising Audits

It's no secret that customers can become frustrated when the products they desire are unavailable or difficult to locate. This can have a detrimental impact on both retailers and brands, leading customers to seek out competitors or alternative products.

Fortunately, our expert shoppers are well-equipped to monitor a variety of factors, such as planogram compliance, product placement and availability, pricing, and customer accessibility. By conducting this thorough assessment, any issues with inventory management and restocking processes can be quickly identified and addressed, ultimately leading to improved visual merchandising.

So, don't let them slip away! →

merchandising audits

Check-out & Returns

Smooth transactions are key to keeping customers happy. That's why our programs are designed to help you assess the efficiency and accuracy of your check-out counters, ensuring customers experience minimal wait times at both assisted and self-checkouts and that pricing is accurate. And when it comes to product returns, our trained shoppers can evaluate the return process, checking for ease of return, helpfulness of staff, and adherence to return policies.

Make your transactions hassle-free! →

customer interacting at check-out

Get up to speed with the latest consumer insights!

Stay tuned with the latest happenings in the restaurant, QSR & FSR industry.


Want to find out how your brand measures up?

Secure your spot for next year’s Drive-thru study! Book by December 15, 2022, to secure a 10% discount on the package price.
Full package price is $9,995.

Your Brand Data

150 Mystery Shops conducted on your locations. Price includes all shopper fees and food reimbursements.

Complete Research Package

Access your results alongside the 10 benchmark brands. Raw data files included.

Custom Reporting

Your portal comes pre-loaded with custom dashboards for your brand and a personal advisory call to review results.

Cleanliness and Facilities

The cleanliness of the store and the condition of facilities, such as washrooms, greatly impact customer experience and reflect your commitment to providing a safe and hygienic environment. Our trained shoppers evaluate them for you.

For example, they assess the availability and cleanliness of shopping carts and ensure that washrooms are well-maintained. This measurement ensures you are providing a pleasant shopping experience.

cleanliness in restroom

Arm your teams with the insights they need to perform.

Empower corporate teams, territory leaders, and store managers alike with tools and insights relevant to their day-to-day needs. . With our tailored mystery shopping solutions, you'll unlock valuable insights, elevate brand performance and foster a culture of excellence across your entire retail organization.

For corporate teams

For Corporate Teams

As you strive to build a remarkable brand image, drive exceptional performance, and maximize profitability, mystery shopping becomes your guiding tool to help you:

  • Align all operations with your strategic direction and establish a cohesive, high-performing organization that propels your brand forward.
  • Evaluate sales effectiveness, upselling techniques, and adherence to operational standards to develop targeted training programs, optimize processes, and ignite a high-performance culture.
  • Understand the regional differences in the competitive landscape with competitor programs and pricing audits.
For territory heads

For Territory Managers

Intouch’s tailored mystery shopping solutions help regional managers keep the pulse on all locations across their territory.

  • Pinpoint high and low performing stores in order to address gaps quickly and scale successes.
  • Enforce implementation of standardized processes and guidelines across all store locations, including training programs and operational protocols.
  • Obtain timely and accurate feedback from shoppers across various locations and translate it into actionable improvements.
For store manager

For Store Managers

To deliver the best experience for customers, your front-line teams need insights they trust to help manage employee actions.

  • Understand how their scores compare to others in their region as well as corporate averages.
  • Pinpoint  employees or shifts who are not adhering to operating procedures or brand standards.
  • Identify your employee brand ambassadors so you can recognize and reward your top performers.

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