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CX Tech Top-ups: New Year, New Features!

CX Tech Top-ups: New Year, New Features!

At Intouch Insight, we’re constantly working on releasing new features that will help you reach the top of your game. We are starting out the new near with the release of several new features across the Intouch Insight Platform and IntouchCheck™.

Intouch Insight Platform  


Expanded list of workflow conditions

Workflows are a powerful automation tool that allows you to evaluate aggregate data and execute key actions when conditions are met. For example, if a user wanted an additional checklist to be assigned to locations that had an average customer satisfaction score that was below 76%, this could be done with workflows. 

To configure a workflow all you need to do is:
  1. Set the name, description and product.
  2. Set the configuration (Locations, Conditions & Filters) that must be met for the workflow to execute.
  3. Set how often and when the workflow will run.
  4. Set what happens when the workflow is executed.
  5. Enable your workflow. 

And the great news is, we have just made workflows even better. The list of conditions in the workflow is now expanded to include many more fields. So, go ahead and give the new workflows a whirl!

expanded -list-of-workflow-conditions

Updated Navigation

Heads up, we have made changes to our Intouch Insight Platform! Our Automations Hub, Integrations, and External Programs have moved out of settings and into the main navigation page.

This change helps to ensure that you can add automations, integrations, or external programs in the most efficient manner. 


See previous comments made in a check

While completing a check, have you found yourself wanting additional context? For example, I had a critical fail in the previous check and I want to know why in order to ensure that this issue is no longer present. If the team member who previously completed this check left a comment to explain why there was a critical fail, it will appear.

This feature can be toggled on under the checklist settings and will help IntouchCheck™ users have more context of the prior comments made on a question at their location.


If you or your team have any new ideas or features that you would like to share, please send us an email at

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