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CX Top-Ups: New Features for the Holidays

CX Top-Ups: New Features for the Holidays

Happy holidays and happy new feature releases! This month we have added several new features and product enhancements to the Intouch Platform and IntouchCheck™.

Intouch Platform 


Performance Trend Dashboard

The Performance Trend Dashboard gives users the ability to easily perform trend analysis. The dashboard offers three pre-built charts that provide an easy to understand, visual summary of the data over time.

This dashboard is customizable so you can choose the data that you want to be charted on. In addition, you can create multiple versions of the Performance Trend Dashboard by using the + sign in the blue bar. This allows you to create multiple dashboards to cover all of the desired data points and metrics, without losing those that have already been configured. Once dashboard settings are saved, data will automatically be visualized in the dashboard over time.

By analyzing performance over time, you can uncover areas where the business is improving and areas that may be declining. These insights can be used to inform action plans to scale success or solve issues before they become a problem. In addition, if a user introduces new initiatives, they can see how these have impacted their business over time.

Find the new Performance Trend Dashboard in the dashboard section of the Intouch Platform. 

New Feature Notification

Never worry about missing a new feature with our new in product notification. Whenever a new feature is released, you will see the notification over the person icon in the top right corner. After clicking into the “What’s New” from the menu, users will see all new feature releases. The notification helps to ensure that you are always up to date with all the latest features.

Screenshot (201)Screenshot (203)

Updated Record PDF Layout

Our Record PDFs have a new updated layout that will help remove all unnecessary spacing and page breaks. When exporting a records PDF, users will now see their data in a clean, easy to read layout.

New Trigger Conditions

This month, we have introduced new trigger conditions to include “doesn’t contain any” and “doesn’t contain all”.

Our automation hub allows users to mobilize their teams in real-time based on predefined events, like a poor NPS score or a failed checklist. When the specified event occurs, an action will be triggered, for example, sending an email including a PDF copy of the record, or the creation of a case to ensure the issue gets resolved.

These new conditions help to ensure that users have the ability to filter for any specific data parameters that they would like.

View All Followups

Cases help you identify and track any issues that might arise. When cases are created, followups ensure that these issues are quickly resolved.

We have now added a new view on our followups page for “All”. This view will provide users with a complete list of all followups, no matter their status. If a user wants to find a specific followup but does not know the status of the followup, they may click the “All'' view and search for the information that they are looking for.

Screenshot (200)-1

Progress Bar for Audits

We have introduced a progress bar for audits that will indicate the progress a user has made in regards to the section and the overall audit.

Progress bars help to communicate with users and encourage them to continue by appealing to a user’s drive to complete a task. They also help to provide reassurance and reduce uncertainty by telling users how much more information they need to fill in.

Inkedprogress bar_LI

Set Responses as Neutral for Dropdown, Checkbox, and Multiple Choice questions

In IntouchCheck™, assigning responses as either “Ok” or “Not Ok” indicates which responses are acceptable, and which responses are not.

This month we have added the ability to set responses to questions as  “neutral” for dropdown, checkbox, and multiple choice questions, allowing users to choose between Ok, Not Ok, or Neutral. The neutral option ensures that users have all possible choices available to them. For example, a question answer would be set as neutral if there wasn’t a right or wrong answer.

Here at Intouch Insight we are always looking to ensure that our products meet all your business needs. If you or your team have any new ideas that you would like to share, please reach out to us at

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