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CX Tech Top-ups: Resource Roundup!

CX Tech Top-ups: Resource Roundup!

This year at Intouch Insight, we have focused on getting our customers the resources they need to succeed. To support this initiative, we have created a wide variety of assets to help guide our customers into reaching customer experience excellence.

Intouch Resources

Knowledge Base Articles

Have you ever been in our software and couldn’t remember how to do something? You won’t have to look far because we have a built-in help button right in the product. No matter which product you are using, this help button is always available to you.

Once clicked, you can search our extensive knowledge base articles to find step-by-step guides on how to complete actions for all user roles. If you can’t find the exact information you are looking for, you can choose to leave us a message and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


MONTHLY new features blog

If you are reading this, then you are already aware of our monthly New Features blog! These blogs highlight new features that have been added to the platform. 

To help ensure that all customers are notified of these changes, we have an in-product notification system that highlights when a New Features blog has been released. From here, you can quickly access the blog to read about all the new and exciting things going on.



Monthly Newsletter

At Intouch Insight, we always have our line of communication open with our customers. One of the ways we achieve this is through our monthly newsletter. This newsletter will include our monthly New Features blog, as well as other content to keep you up to date on the latest reports and industry trends. 

To subscribe to the newsletter and have it sent directly to your mailbox, head to this link here.

Video Library

We know that different people learn in different ways. Some prefer step-by-step guides, while others may prefer video tutorials. To better accommodate everyone, we have created a video library that contains video tutorials on how to access some of your favorite features. These videos may also be used to help train your team when you have a new member onboarding. 

To access our video tutorials, please visit the following links:



Intouch Insight Platform

Product Training Webinars

Product Training Webinars

As previously mentioned, we at Intouch Insight want to ensure that all customers can learn through the method that works best for them. This year we have also launched our live product training webinars where we cover: 

  • Quarterly New Features: Our product update webinars cover the latest releases to our software. Learn directly from our team and get live answers to any of your product-related questions. 
  • IntouchCheck™ Admin: Our IntouchCheck™ admin webinars are focused on users who are building and managing audits and checklists. Learn tips and best practices for building checklists, configuring settings, and managing outcomes.
  • IntouchCheck™ End-User: Our IntouchCheck™ Getting Started end-user training is focused on the basics of completing audits and checklists in the field - from starting a check to using follow-ups.
  • IntouchSurvey™: Our IntouchSurvey™ admin webinars are focused on how to build surveys and analyze responses. Our product specialist will review the different question types, how to apply logic, and the scoring options available.
  • Intouch Insight Platform Reporting: Join the Intouch Platform webinars to ensure you are getting the most out of your software. Our reporting sessions are focused on making your data work for you - from building dashboards to custom records lists.
  • Intouch Insight Platform Automation: Our automation sessions are focused on working efficiently - from building workflows to setting up triggers.

To sign up to attend an upcoming webinar, please visit our “Upcoming Events” page.

If you or your team have any new ideas or features that you would like to share, please send us an email at

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