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Drive CX Business Value at CXPA Insight Exchange 2018

Customer Experience Management team discussing business initiatives

In less than one week Intouch Insight will be on it’s way to New Orleans for the CXPA Insight Exchange, an annual conference dedicated to all things customer experience. It's our first time attending the conference, and while we won’t miss our chance to try some traditional Creole cuisine, our sights are set on sharing and gathering insights from the best and brightest stakeholders in the customer experience space.

The theme of this years event “CX Business Value: Identify, Measure, and Grow!” couldn’t be more appropriate. Tying business value to CX initiatives is a common issue among all businesses today, and for companies that want to stay competitive, proving the ROI of their CX initiatives is an essential on-going activity.

If you have children (or remember when you were a child), think about going on a long drive to someplace they (or you) want to go. While on the trip your children will ask, “are we there yet?” and as a parent, you have to keep their spirits high by reminding them “we’ll be there soon, dear…” and that when they get there, they’re going to have so much fun.

CX is a lot like this. The corporate destination is a customer-centric organization that offers an amazing experience and has a culture full of engaged employees who support the various CX tactics and processes tied to achieving a common goal (i.e., increased customer base while minimizing customer attrition). People lose focus on that ultimate goal while performing the day-to-day activities and ask… “is this still the plan?” So, to drive change, the CX leader must consistently raise their value banner across the organization by engaging corporate champions to keep momentum meanwhile highlighting their achievements along the way.

Our prediction...

Another big theme we are anticipating at the conference is AI-enabled CX technology. Before being able to prove the value of your CX initiatives, organizations need to have the right technology in place to not only help them identify areas where CX can be improved but empower all levels of the organization to take action and measure the impact of those actions on key business metrics.

You won’t want to miss this

To contribute to the CXPA's theme of driving business value from your CX programs, Rob Sutherland, VP Sales at Intouch Insight will be giving a learning lab presentation on "How to Turn CX Insights into Real Action" and will be revealing the latest member of the Intouch Insight product family, LiaCX.

The lineup of this year's speakers is impressive, but we are particularly excited for Jen Rodstrom’s breakout session, Demystifying CX Metrics: Five Steps to Success. Jen is a CX Transformist at Temkin Group with years of experience in the industry as a market researcher. Her session is focused on how to create a CX metrics program that will drive action, and we will be all ears listening to what she has to say.

To wrap it up

This year at the CXPA, we are looking forward to meeting many CX professionals and champions and joining in on the discussion around how CX pros can take action to achieve their customer experience goals. CX is a win-win practice for everyone, and we hope that this exchange will give CX pros the tools and knowledge to better prove how CX is the solution to many business needs both now and in the future.

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