Easy mobile restaurant checklist app

Convert checks to mobile with restaurant form software, then share with teams for completion. Receive instant follow ups and reports and improve accountability and visibility.

Make restaurant checklists and audits easier and more actionable with a restaurant inspection app

Build unlimited forms

Use IntouchCheck’s easy mobile form builder to create your audits.

Complete on any device

Have teams complete checks on any device - even when they’re offline. Simply submit when reconnected.

Receive instant follow-ups & reports

Instantly see the results of checks and prioritize with automated action plans.

Get more visibility into performance over time

View and compare how restaurant operations change over time with easy, visual reporting.

Focus your teams on what matters to you and your guests

Prioritize health and food safety everyday

Automate all opening and closing procedures by creating front-of-house and back-of-house checklists for your teams. Log freezer/fridge temperatures and set standard safety ranges. Set health and safety items as critical issues so your audits automatically fail. Setup instant notifications for designated access groups as required.

Resturant management checklist mobile forms

Manage your brand image across restaurants

Review photos

Require teams to add photos from your locations on restaurant checklists

Provide context

Attach photo guidelines for your teams’ reference

Verify photo details

See when and where photos were taken with time and geo-stamps

Restaurant Checklist Attached Photo

Get instant visibility into performance across locations

Stay in the loop on checklist results

Review results on-the-go with overall performance reports and identify top and low performing locations. Drill down into audit reports and issue management. Send instant notifications to your teams when maintenance, branding, or signage issues are flagged.

IntouchCheck mobile forms Phone Dashboard

Fix issues before they impact your guests

IntouchCheck Mobile Forms Software Flagging Issues

Flag items for follow-up

Instantly generate and receive follow-ups in your inbox, so you can assign and manage.

IntouchCheck Mobile Forms Software Issue Management

Communicate with teams

Discus and comment on your open issues and review their history. Offer suggestions for fixing.

IntouchCheck Mobile Forms Software Resolve Issues

Resolve and close

When completed, mark follow-ups as resolved. Attach photos to prove the item’s been fixed.

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