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CX Tech Top-ups for September- Three feature updates!

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A new month means new product updates from Intouch Insight. We have introduced several new features across our platforms and can’t wait for you to try them out.

Automatically trigger actions off of Sentiment Keywords

IntouchSurvey™ and IntouchCheck™
Tooltips to help you better use our built in question banks and question types

Updated Question Builder Modal

Triggers off Sentiment Keywords

This month, we have introduced the ability to trigger actions based on sentiment keywords. Our automation hub allows users to mobilize their teams in real-time based on predefined events, like a poor NPS score or a failed checklist. When the specified event occurs, an action will be triggered, for example, sending an email including a PDF copy of the record, or the creation of a case to ensure the issue gets resolved.

With this new sentiment functionality, you can now use keywords as a condition that allows users to specify a word, or string of words, that they would like an action to be triggered off of. If a user wanted to be notified if there was a rat at any of their locations, they could configure a trigger that would send them an email anytime the keyword rat was used in an audit or survey. These quick and real-time actions allow users to solve issues quickly as soon as they arise. 


Both IntouchSurvey™ and Check™ come fully equipped with a question bank that includes a wide variety of question types to help you build the perfect survey and/or checklist. To ensure you get the most out of each question, we have added tooltips to provide an explanation of what type of information the question will help you collect.

To see a tooltip, hover over the question type that you want more information on, and a tooltip will appear with a description of the type of question as well as an example. Tooltips offer a quick description without you having to navigate away from the checklist and/or survey you are building.

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Updated Question Builder Modal

Our updated question builder gives users the ability to build out new questions while still having visibility into the rest of their checklist. For example, when writing a follow up question, users will clearly see what they had previously written in order to help ensure accuracy and consistency. This simple modal allows users to quickly input the relevant information and swiftly move on to the next question.

Checklist Builder - Basic Settings

At Intouch Insight we will continue to create new features across all our platforms in order to give users like you the best products. If you or your teams have new ideas that you think would help increase customer experience, please reach out to us at letstalk@intouchinsight.com