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It’s a New Dawn! It’s a New Day! It’s Product Updates for May!

It’s a New Dawn! It’s a New Day! It’s Product Updates for May!

At Intouch Insight, we’re constantly working on new features to make our products even better. And this month has been no exception. We’ve rolled out updates across all our products.

Intouch Platform



Intouch Platform - Now with Slack integration

Have you been looking for more quick and easy ways to share your data and reports with your team? Look no further! Intouch Platform now offers a Slack integration - and setting it up is a breeze.

To connect:

  1. To start, head over to Slack API: Applications
  2. Create a new Slack app
  3. Give the app a title (ex: Survey Updates) and choose the workspace where you want to share your data and reports
  4. From the Features page in Slack, toggle the “Activate Incoming Webhooks” to on
  5. Click Add New Webhook to Workspace
  6. Pick a channel that the app will post to, then click Authorize
  7. Copy your Incoming Webhook URL and head over to settings in Intouch Platform.
  8. Once in settings, click “Connectors” and paste your Incoming Webhook URL to create your new integration

Once the connector is set up, you can set up a trigger that will send a message to Slack when your specified event occurs. For example, a Slack message could be triggered anytime a new survey response is submitted. 

Your structure at a glance

Hierarchies allow users to see where locations are within your organizational structure. This visualization gives a clear representation of which locations are under which branch, and helps to ensure accountability. To make organizing your hierarchies easy as pie, we’ve launched a new regional rollup dashboard so you can easily see comparisons between all locations. For example, you can see where the locations fall under country, region, province/state, city, and see a comparison of scores between the various locations.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 100453


Even cleaner case management

Cases help you identify and track any issues that may arise to their ultimate conclusion - empowering your team to work quickly and cohesively. And, since nothing happens in a vacuum, we're excited to share that cases can now be associated with each other.

To create a case, head over to Intouch Platform and click the suitcase icon on the left hand side. Here you will find your Case Management hub. When creating a case, you can now link it to other related cases and view any relevant comments, records, and any additional linked cases. We have also included a feature that notifies you if you accidentally attempt to exit without saving, ensuring you are always reminded to save any new changes you have made.

Customizable PDF reports

Given the wide variety of data records that can be collected and managed across all our products, we want to ensure that you are able to customize the elements that are reported in each PDF report. That’s why you now have the ability to choose what elements you would like shown on your reports.

Removing unnecessary data makes it easier for recipients to find the relevant information they need quickly. Gone are the days of searching through reports that cover every minute detail. Instead, focus on reporting the data that actually matters to you and your company.

This customization can be taken even further as different PDFs can be created for different programs or locations. For example, let’s say you own 3 independent restaurants and only want to report on the items that were non compliant for the cleanliness section of a checklist. Rather than seeing a list of all the items that were evaluated, you can configure your PDF settings to only show the items that were not clean at each location.

A fresh new look for surveys

Give your surveys a facelift and express your brand individuality with all new survey themes. Our built-in designs will give you all you need to send professional and beautiful surveys with ease. In addition, if you want to be your own artist and customize your survey’s layout, colors, text, branding, and features, you can achieve your vision through the design tab. The improvements made to survey themes will help you create appealing surveys that your customers will be excited to take.

Screenshot (9)

Ready to use IntouchSurvey™ Templates

Our most recent Changes in Consumer Habits reports have revealed that customers are willing to provide feedback, but too few brands are taking the time to ask for it. That’s why we’ve added survey templates to help you get started quickly so you can focus on collecting actionable insights from your audience.

There are several templates to choose from that measure items such as: feedback, COVID health screening, post-transactional data, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and NPS. We have even created industry specific templates for grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and retail to help you understand how your own customers’ habits are evolving. All templates are fully customizable to make sure you are honing in on what matters more to your customers.

Screenshot (10)


New roles for an even more customized experience

User roles allow you to assign and define a user’s permissions for actions or functions. This month, we are excited to have introduced more user roles to give you greater ability to get the right information in the hands of the right people. Roles to choose from now include:

  • Regional Manager
  • District Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Location Manager
  • Division Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • HR Manager
  • General Manager

To make updates even quicker, roles can now be assigned to a location in bulk! Previously, this action was only possible either through a CSV upload or on a record by record basis. We’ve now simplified this process by adding in a new feature that allows you to assign roles to a group of existing users all at once. Additionally, new users can now be created directly from within the Hierarchy page, whereas before, this action was only possible through the Users page.

Our platform will continue to evolve and advance thanks to ongoing user testing and research, as well as collaborating with customers just like you. If you or your teams have new ideas that you think would help drive customer experience excellence, please reach out to us at


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