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CX Tech Top-ups: Three feature updates!

Take your CX improvements to the next level with new integrations and enhancements.

As summer is winding down and we start to look ahead to the fall, our teams have been working to release continuous enhancements that will make it easier to get more from the tools you use everyday! This month, we have launched several new features across Intouch Platform and IntouchSurvey™.

Intouch Platform


Redesigned Integrations Page

Our revamped integrations page allows users to see all their integrations in one place. This clear and easy to read page makes adding new integrations a simple and quick process.

Users will be able to see what apps they have installed, and which are yet to be added. Current available apps include Slack and SFTP. Users will also be able to see what program they have connected to each app. For example, a survey user may connect one of their surveys to Slack and have a notification sent to a slack channel any time a new submission is received.

Users can easily add a new connection by clicking the connect button next to the desired app. Having all this information in one place clearly let’s everyone know what programs are in use, while giving you a handy reminder of what apps are available to take advantage of later.

Screenshot (115)

Survey Summary Tab

Our new summary tab gives users a powerful overview of their survey. This view includes key information such as number of submissions, average score, survey health, and distribution statistics. Survey health will help to ensure you get the best results by providing an estimate of your survey's completion time, completion rate, question warnings, and translations. Users can also find information on when their survey was last edited, and by who.

This tab is designed to provide users with key statistics regarding your survey’s performance as well as recommendations on how to improve your survey at a glance. This information is now presented in a concise dashboard that summarizes all the important information associated with your survey.

Summary Tab

New Questions Added to the Question Library

IntouchSurvey™ is equipped with a top notch question library that includes ready to use survey questions. When creating a new survey, users can save time by starting with our most popular pre-built survey questions. Over 85 new questions have been added across a range of categories including, demographics, employee engagement, employee check-in, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and NPS®.

Questions can easily be added to a survey by navigating to the survey builder and clicking the question library tab as shown in the image below. All questions are sorted by topic and can be added to your survey by clicking and dragging the desired question. All questions from the library are fully editable to ensure they meet all your survey needs, but you'll save a ton of time starting with pre-built questions that have been designed to meet industry best practices.

Screenshot (111)

We aim to create excellent products that will help you take your business to the next level. If you or your teams have new ideas that you think would help increase customer experience, please reach out to us at

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