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CX Tech Top-ups: New Product Add-On Feature Packs!

CX Tech Top-ups: New Product Add-On Feature Packs!

The Intouch Insight Platform just got a lot more powerful! Our new add-on feature packs allow you to customize the Intouch Insight Platform to meet all of your business needs. 

From enriching your data to bringing in insights from 3rd party sources to understanding the sentiment behind your data, we have powerful tools to help you demonstrate ROI, streamline and automate processes and improve business performance.

To set up an add-on feature pack in product please reach out to your CSM or email us at

Add-on Feature Packs

Enhanced Automation

Our Enhanced Automation allows you to sit back and relax while key actions are automated for you. In addition to triggers, you can use the automation hub to set up workflows and rules. By doing so, you can automatically address issues, reinforce good behavior, and address skill gaps. 

For example, using Enhanced Automation you can:

  1. Automatically identify locations that have high or low performance over time.
  2. Reinforce good behavior by automating the recognition of consistently high performers.
  3. Address skill gaps or operational deficiencies with automated feedback or training for locations that repeatedly miss the mark.

Configure workflows with enhanced automations


Data Enrichment

Our data enrichment add-on allows users to leverage location-specific weather details, tags, and attributes. These features help to expand the out-of-the-box reporting capabilities by adding contextual information to locations. 

Using data enrichment, users can create smarter checklists and can access stronger analysis capabilities. Weather analytics helps to analyze the impact that weather has on traffic and customer experience.

Data Enrichment helps to:

  1. Perform deeper segmentation and easily compare locations with similar characteristics.
  2. Filter your program data more effectively using tags and attributes as filter parameters.
  3. Analyze the impact weather has on your customer’s experience and foot traffic
  4. Proactively plan for poor weather based on patterns with weather and customer behavior
  5. Trend scoring themes across programs.
  6. Tailor your IntouchCheck™ checklist flow to hide and show questions based on a location’s characteristics.

Enrich your data with custom tags


Data Transfer

The Data Transfer add-on package helps to easily move data in and out of the Intouch Insight Platform. Users can set up connectors, webhooks, and utilize the Intouch API. In doing so, you ensure that data is getting into the hands of the right people with real-time synchronization. 

Using Data Transfer users can:

  1. Ensure a seamless flow of data between the tools your teams use every day.
  2. Boost efficiency, eliminate manual data entry, and simplify analysis across systems.
  3. Choose from our many integration options for the solution that best meets your needs.

Real time data syncronization with connectors


Advanced Reporting

The Intouch Insight Platform is designed to give our users the power to uncover key insights for their brand. Our Advanced Reporting package takes reporting one step further and Includes Custom Dashboards & Reports. Advanced Reporting allows you to bring focus to your key metrics and unique business goals.

With Advanced Reporting users can:

  1. Create custom charts, visualizations, and record lists that capture your business’ KPIs.
  2. Increase relevance for your users with custom views for different divisions, departments, or regions.
  3. Communicate information clearly and efficiently, showing trends and changes in data over time.
Custom Dashboard for advanced reporting


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis allows users to dig deeper into the meaning behind your customer’s comments. This add-on helps to transform unstructured data into actionable insights to understand perceptions over time with sentiment analysis and text analytics. 

Using Sentiment Analysis users can:

  1. Identify positive, negative, and neutral comments.
  2. Track sentiment over time.
  3. Uncover trends and detect patterns.

Analyze customer's feelings with sentiment analysis


If you or your team want to set up an add-on feature pack for your organization, please reach out to your CSM or email us at 

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