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Four Things Event Marketers Should Consider to Improve Event ROI

Four Things Event Marketers Should Consider to Improve Event ROI

Rethinking How You Do Event Marketing Are you looking for fresh ways to attract more qualified leads to your trade shows and events, and convert them into sales? Do you want to know how to optimize your trade show ROI – versus attracting a crowd of people who are only there to see how fingers foods they can nab from your free buffet?

Why Event Marketing Matters With events and trade shows still among two of the top marketing activities that marketers attribute to filling their pipeline, maximizing ROI by collecting and converting as many high quality leads as possible is crucial.

Currently, there’s an abundance of online sources about improving your digital marketing strategy.

What’s lacking, are guides offering people the tools they need to maximize the benefits they’re getting from event marketing.

Until now.

Crash Course: How to Improve Your Event Marketing and Trade Show ROI Over the next three weeks, we’ll be posting an easy-to-follow crash course with everything you need to know about optimizing your events for your best ROI. We’ll cover how to create the best brand experience for attendees using experiential marketing, quickly qualify leads using event marketing technology, and wow them enough (and in the right way) to convert them into sales.

Who Are We? Powering lead capture systems at over 1,500 events and trade shows each year, Intouch is a leading expert in providing event marketing solutions and lead capture software. We use data collection tools (such as Tablets, RFID & Scanners, Registration & Waivers, and Games & Contests) to collect in-field leads, and help companies react to and integrate lead information with CRMs.

Working at these numerous events has given us the opportunity to observe first-hand the various ways of employing lead capture. We’ve analyzed and adapted these methods to create a best practices formula that will have a positive impact on your ROI results. Comprised of four-steps, this formula will help you achieve what we like to call high conversion event marketing.

What Is High Conversion Event Marketing?

High Conversion Event Marketing Has Three Goals

  1. Convert event attendees to leads
  2. Convert leads to customers
  3. Drive the ROI of your overall event marketing strategy

Achieving Them Requires Four Different Activities

  1. Attract qualified attendees
  2. Capture, qualify and segment more high quality leads
  3. Engage, inform and persuade attendees to love you
  4. Convert event leads to customers

4 Essential Elements of High Conversion Event Marketing In order to achieve High Conversion Event Marketing, you must have these four key elements:

  1. Attractors: An offer or experience designed to attract the right people to your event space.
  2. Identifiers: Data collection tools that collect contact information, segment and qualify attendees, and track attendee interests.
  3. Enticers: Engaging, entertaining or informative content or experiences to nurture attendees and move them through your event sales funnel.
  4. Sell Paths: Defined steps to purchase that convert attendees to customers and shorten buying cycles.

These four elements are at the heart of driving trade show ROI. Throughout this guide we will break down each of these elements, explain how to use these tools and why they prove successful for every budget.

What About Attendee Engagement? If I’m only focused on sales will it affect my attendee experience?

Valid question.

Fear not – we haven’t forgotten about attendee engagement to focus solely on conversion. High conversion event marketing is about designing the best possible experiences for attendees, to create excitement and have them participate at events in ways that provide businesses with lead capture.

Our Series Our goal for this crash course is to give you the knowledge you need to start optimizing event and trade show marketing, engage attendees, and eliminate gaps or leaks where you’re missing the opportunity to identify and convert leads.

Conclusion Now that we’ve covered the basics surrounding the four key elements of high conversion event marketing.

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