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Event Data Capture

Attendees at a trade show

4 min read

Simple Tricks to Keep Trade Show Attendees Focused on Your Booth

Guest Post by Lee Becknell, Digital Marketing Manager for Pinnacle Promotions When you’re working at a trade show, meeting hundreds of people a day...

Co workers at a trade show nurturing leads

4 min read

Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Nurturing

Consider the amount of time that goes into planning a successful trade show exhibit. You spend all those hours designing your booth, promoting a...

Event marketing ROI

1 min read

How To Measure Event ROI

All brands invest in their events, but not every event is a success. That’s because there’s more to a successful event than just the amount of...

Follow our helpful steps to improve your event and trade show ROI.

1 min read

How To Improve Your Event Marketing and Trade Show ROI

This crash course is designed for all of you event marketing professions looking to improve your event and trade show ROI. In order to maximize the...

2 min read

Four Things Event Marketers Should Consider to Improve Event ROI

Rethinking How You Do Event Marketing Are you looking for fresh ways to attract more qualified leads to your trade shows and events, and convert them...

Business user on their laptop searching for CX best practices

2 min read

Is Your Trade Show Booth Lacking Qualified Leads?

Attract, Entice, Allure... Bore, Disgust, Repel. Words are a powerful thing. A word can draw someone in, push someone away or even change the meaning...

4 min read

Three Ways to Attract Quality Event or Trade Show Leads

In the last post of our series, we discussed the first step to improving your event marketing ROI by attracting the right kind of people to your...

CX pros discussing program plan

4 min read

3 Ways to Use Experiential Marketing to Increase Event Traffic

After putting in the time and effort planning your event, have you ever looked around your event space and realized the amount of people in...

CX or HR executives

3 min read

Convert Trade Show Attendees to Leads with a Lead Capture System

In part one of our high conversion event marketing crash course, we discussed how to attract more of the right people (aka qualified leads) to your...

4 min read

7 Tips to Optimize Lead Capture and Convert Trade Show Leads

In the last post of our crash course, we talked about designing surveys that your attendees won’t mind filling out. Today we’ll cover best practices...