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        1 min read

        How To Measure Event ROI

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        All brands invest in their events, but not every event is a success. That’s because there’s more to a successful event than just the amount of resources a brand pours into it. A truly successful event that increases engagement and inspires stronger connections is one that grabs attendees through innovation. Brands need to deliver unique, impactful experiences to ensure a brand experience has a long-term impact with the audience. That means brands have to stop thinking about ROI as a Return on Investment and start thinking about ROI as including a Return on Innovation.

        A brand experience that incorporates innovative strategies is much more likely to deliver a long-lasting impact that attendees carry with them. It pays to think about your brand event’s Return on Innovation as well as the Return on Investment. That means measuring metrics such as memorability and engagement alongside more traditional metrics such as attendance and social media impressions. Building a brand event that delivers strong results in both types of metrics requires some unique thinking, so the following checklist from agencyEA should be helpful. It provides you with some methods you can use to guide your brand’s approach to ROI with innovation in mind. Ultimately, it should be able to help you create a brand experience that will yield engaging and impactful results.


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