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        Mary Dubrule

        Marketing Specialist

        The Key to Cultivating Loyalty Part 2: Designing Great Experiences

        Last month we shared a guest post by customer experience strategist, Jim Bass. In the first part of this two-part blog series, Jim emphasized why acting on customer feedback is so critical to cultivating brand loyalty.

        The Key to Cultivating Loyalty Part 1: Taking Action on Customer Feedback

        Guest post by Jim Bass, Designing the Difference

        Sun's out, new features out

        We are always perfecting Intouch products based on your feedback, and now it's easier than ever...

        The Real Key to Customer Loyalty

        Guest Post by Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy

        The Customer Experience You Didn't Know About

        Guest Post by Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy

        Goodbye Winter, Hello New Features

        This spring release includes exciting new features that will bring more user empowerment to your...

        Simple Tricks to Keep Trade Show Attendees Focused on Your Booth

        Guest Post by Lee Becknell, Digital Marketing Manager for Pinnacle Promotions

        When you’re...

        IntouchCheck: New Year, New Features

        We're always making updates in order to give you everything you need to get the job done faster!...

        4 Steps to Improve Your Franchise's Customer Experience

        In the modern business world, there are companies that exemplify stellar customer experience and...

        Everything You Need to Know About Mystery Shopping in Under 90 Seconds [Video]

        In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s so important for brands to stand out against the...