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What You Need to Know About Mystery Shopping in Under 90 Seconds

Everything you need to know about mystery shopping

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s so important for brands to stand out against the competition. In order to achieve this, businesses need to ensure that their brand is represented correctly at the frontline. But you can’t be everywhere at once. So, how do you ensure this happens consistently at all of your locations?

Simple. Mystery shopping.

Collect and act on third party feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Identify where teams are excelling, opportunities for improvement, and even how you stack up against the competition.

Intouch has been providing mystery shopping services to some of North America’s most popular brands for over 25 years. With a network of nearly one million mystery shoppers ready to enter the field, this means that we have the reach and experience to meet even the most challenging requirements.

In just a minute and 20 seconds, learn how IntouchShop can help your organization get the complete picture of your team’s performance.


Video Transcript

Today, many companies compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. This means it’s more important than ever to deliver consistently great experiences that keep your customers coming back. But since you can’t be in the front lines at every location all at once… how do you really know if the quality of service you’re providing meets the standards that you’ve set?

Enter IntouchShop, mystery shopping services. With IntouchShop, you’ll gain third-party feedback about the delivery of your customer service and operational standards that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Powerful, real-time role and location-level dashboards allow you to get the most from the data collected and make it easy to prioritize trending issues. Use your results to assess whether staff are adhering to your standards, then identify where you’re excelling, and where you’re missing the mark.

Whatever type of program you need, our team works with you to create surveys that ask the right questions to address your business goals.

Intouch has been helping businesses measure and improve customer experience at all of their locations for over 25 years.

And we’re here to help you gain a greater insight into your business.




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