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Goodbye Winter, Hello New Features

New Features Intouch Insight

This spring release includes exciting new features that will bring more user empowerment to your organization. Read below to learn more about our latest and greatest features at your disposal.

preset-filtersConsistent reporting across teams

You can now save sets of filters and share them with specific users, or all users to ensure that data is being reviewed and reported on consistently across your organization. Let’s take a look at a few different use cases.

Mobile forms software: You could create a filter for pass outcomes for the past week, and one for fail outcomes for the past week, then share them with other users. Now it’s as simple as one click for your users to have these filters accessible, without requiring each user to figure out the correct options and set up their own.

Surveys: If you’re doing sentiment analysis on an open text question, you could create a filter for a variety of reasons, such as, records associated to a specific location, responses where a targeted keyword is captured (“sale”), or to identify unhappy users with a specific situation by negative sentiment. Once your filter exists, you can make it available to various users.

Subscribe to your favorite dashboards


With the new subscribe feature on custom dashboards, you can schedule future emails to yourself with an attached PDF of the dashboard of your choice.

Imagine that you have a custom dashboard setup to show weekly results. You can schedule automatic emails on a specific day and time each week (every Monday at 8am) to easily see results week over week in a saved PDF format. This information can be delivered for offline consumption, for meetings with other stakeholders, or for sharing with other users.

This feature can also combine with the saved filters to produce personalized delivery based on any user’s requirements.

piped-textEnhance your survey experience with piped text

Add a personal greeting to your surveys for more engagement. You can replace generic text like “Dear valued customer” with “Hello Stephen” by inserting piped text for the respondent’s first name, or use this feature to pull in information throughout your survey when you ask a question like “what’s your favorite colour?”. Instead of later having to just ask why they chose “that colour”, make your surveys more powerful by pulling in their specific response.

This feature also allows for organizations that store respondents purchase information in their records to reference specific purchase details in post-transactional surveys. For example, you can reference the date of a user’s visit, the type of service they received, or the specific location they visited. This helps collect more accurate responses by reminding the respondent of their visit with your brand, where they shopped, and what they purchased.

Want to improve your customer experience?

Get in touch to learn how you can take advantage of some of our new features. 

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