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IntouchCheck: New Year, New Features

IntouchCheck mobile inspection software new features

We're always making updates in order to give you everything you need to get the job done faster! Read below to get to know more about some of our latest and greatest IntouchCheckTM features.

permissions-settingsYou're in charge

We know that every organization is different, and each user has a unique role. So, we've made it easier for you to give users the right permissions for their responsibilities across all Intouch products.

Dig deeper into follow ups

See more details around the volume of open and closed follow ups, and identify which locations/questions have the most issues so you can take action.

When some locations have more issues than others, you can then follow up to prevent future issues. Start by increasing the frequency of checklists or implementing additional training for teams at those locations. When specific questions have more issues, implement processes to deal with them, such as creating more detailed questions or more checks on that particular topic.


check-add-followupsFollow up to the fullest

Create multiple follow ups on a single issue, then assign to different team members to resolve. For example, if there is an issue with bathroom cleanliness, there might be multiple things that need to be actioned. You can now create separate follow ups - one for janitorial staff to clean the floor and one for maintenance to fix a leak in the sink.

checklist-viewChecklists just got easier

Validate your checklist setup that much faster! From your admin settings, you can now view the overall checklist in one go. Validate the total points and questions, and ensure that the setup is complete and nothing was missed prior to publication.

Auditors can also filter their upcoming checks to stay organized. Easily identify which checklists are ready to start, or see what's due today.

Explore and share IntouchCheck with your colleagues. Download the free PDF today.

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