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LiaCX Customer Experience Management Software [Video]

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The way a customer perceives their experience with a brand can make all the difference between a one-time sale and a lifelong customer.

In fact, an excellent customer experience makes customers 4.5x more likely to pay a premium (Forrester).

Most companies understand the importance of delivering an unmatched experience, but when it comes to executing a voice of the customer (VoC) program, organizations struggle to attribute business value to their programs and are unable to drive action to implement change.

With LiaCX, a complete cloud-based customer experience management solution, operations teams and CX pros can proactively manage their entire customer experience program in a single platform.

Teams across your organization might be collecting the right data to understand their customer experience but using different systems makes it impossible to understand the entire customer journey.

Not only do CX’ers need a solution that gathers all their customer feedback under a single roof, but they need an intelligence system to interpret the data and the tools to be able to act on it.

LiaCX is the only customer experience management platform with proactive CX action campaigns.

Real-time dashboards discover emerging issues and experience gaps before they escalate, empowering teams to transform customers into advocates and detractors into promoters.

Using artificial intelligence, you can create targeted campaigns to improve areas of the buyer journey, launch them across the organization using mobile checklists, and measure the impact activities have on specific business metrics.

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