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Mobile Forms: FAQs

Mobile Forms: FAQs

If you're considering making the switch from paper data collection processes to mobile forms, you probably have some questions about how the process will differ and what you need to convert. We wrote this blog to provide you with the answers to these questions, as well as other FAQs we receive from prospective clients about mobile forms.

What business processes can mobile forms replace?

Mobile forms can replace your paper audit, checklist, inspection, field reports and data collection processes.

Do I need any technical or programming skills to build mobile forms?

No, you don’t need any technical experience or coding skills to build forms. The IntouchCheck mobile form builder is easy and fast to use, so all you need is basic web knowledge. You can even import existing checklists using an Excel template.

What devices can I use to complete mobile forms?

IntouchCheck mobile forms are compatible with all operating systems - Windows, Apple, Android and BlackBerry to name a few. It runs on almost any device that can run a browser; desktops, laptops, tablets and of course mobile phones. Forms are responsive and stretch and shrink to the device size, making it easy to complete the form on whatever device you’re working on.

Once a form is submitted, how long will it take for me to view the results?

With IntouchCheck your form data is submitted in real-time. This eliminates time spent on data entry and spreadsheets and means you can view results as soon as a check or audit is completed. You can even setup automated emails to instantly send out reports and alert the right people when results are submitted or an issue is found.

Will my data be secure?

IntouchCheck is built with enterprise-class data security requirements to ensure that your data is protected and safely stored.

How easy is it to access my data?

You can access your data on any mobile device or desktop, anywhere, at any time. This means you’ll always have your records ready for audit or review.

Does it work offline?

Yes, with IntouchCheck, mobile forms can be completed offline and submitted when connectivity is restored. This feature is very helpful for collecting data in the field - when connectivity is unreliable and is often lost.

How much does it cost?

IntouchCheck mobile forms are really affordable! The pricing is a per user per month model:

  • 1-49 users: $19 USD/month/user
  • 50-99 users: $16 USD/month/user
  • 100+ users: the prices vary by number of users, but can be as low as $9 USD/month/user.  


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