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Navi Vaid

Sr. Director Business Development

Best of Intouch Blog 2017

2 min read

The Best of the Intouch Insight Blog 2017: Our Top 10 Posts

Thank you for all of the views, clicks, shares and likes in 2017! We have lots of exciting new content in store for you in 2018 - but before we get to that, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some highlights from 2017.

Boxing Day - Holiday Season.png

3 min read

Prepare Your Stores for Boxing Day and the Holiday Season

Edging on one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, consumers will not be shying away from pulling out their wallets in-store. In fact, almost...

Mystery shopping & Customer Satisfaction surveys

1 min read

Improve Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping & CSAT Surveys

When it comes to the value of your mystery shopping program, your results are meaningless if the behaviours you're measuring aren't aligned with your...

2 min read

The Key to Effective Mystery Shopping: Understanding Your Customer

Have you ever been in a situation where you ask a question only to receive an answer that isn’t what you were looking for? Maybe you didn’t ask the...

3 min read

How to Use your Mobile Forms Software to its Fullest Potential

If you're using mobile forms at your business to complete regular checklists, see insights and action problems, you're probably finding it pretty...

2 min read

How to Use Mobile Forms to Improve Guest Experience at Your Hotels

Operating a hotel chain is a complex, fast-paced job. At every hotel, there are numerous people and departments that need to function simultaneously...

Improving Guest Loyalty Using CSAT Surveys

1 min read

How to Use CSAT Surveys to Improve Guest Loyalty at Your Hotels

In order to remain competitive in the hospitality industry, hotels must have a strong understanding of how guests are experiencing their brand and...

CSAT Surveys and Mystery Shopping

2 min read

CSAT & Mystery Shopping: Better Together

If you’re looking to improve customer experience at your locations, there are two key steps in the process to ensure that you get it right. While...

Mystery Shopping For Hotels

2 min read

How to Leverage Hotel Mystery Shopping to Improve Guest Experience

Businesses in the hospitality industry do more than sell products or services - their customers are paying for an experience. In order to ensure that...

Hotel Guest Experience Management

1 min read

GEM Series: Three Solutions for Hotel Guest Experience Management

Customer experience (CX) has become a top priority for almost all B2C companies today. Their customers don’t just want high-value, great experiences...