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Paul Bell

Director of Business Development

Revisit Your Mystery Shopping Program

2 min read

Why You Should Revisit Your Mystery Shopping Program

When running a mystery shopping program at your business, sometimes it can feel like all it requires is simply putting a program in place, and then watching the results flow in. While it’s true that implementing a program is a big first step, it...

Survey Questions

2 min read

How To Create The Most Effective Survey Questions

When creating customer satisfaction surveys, it’s necessary to come up with survey questions that provide your business with accurate, actionable...

1 min read

What Is Mystery Shopping: An Introduction

Mystery shopping requires a shopper to interact with a company under the guise of being a prospective customer. The shopper then observes the...

2 min read

CSAT Survey Best Practices

What do customers think about your brand? Are they satisfied with your customer service? Do they think there are areas where you could improve?...

mystery shopping tips

3 min read

Mystery Shopping Tips

Mystery shopping is a great way to measure your customer experience and learn how well your locations are following brand standards. A lot of thought...

3 min read

Four Ways to Drive Customer Engagement

Many top brands attribute a large portion of their success to customer engagement because it plays a key role in the growth and sustainability of...

Tips Mystery Shoppers

2 min read

Tips for Mystery Shoppers

Whether you’re looking at making a career out of mystery shopping, taking it up as a hobby, or just looking to increase your income, there are a few...

Suggestions Mystery Shopper

Suggestions For Being A Great Mystery Shopper [Infographic]

Mystery shopping can be a perfect way to earn some extra income, and try new activites - all in your free time! While it's pretty easy to sign up and...

3 min read

Crowdsourcing: A New Alternative to Measure Customer Experience

Are you a business owner or operator with dozens, or even thousands of locations looking for a deeper understanding of how your company is executing?...