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CX Tech Top-ups: Try our new custom records list builder!

Features that can help you analyze customer experience data as simple as possible

Here at Intouch Insight, we are continuously releasing new features and product enhancements. This month we introduced new features to the Intouch Platform and to IntouchCheck™ that will make analyzing data as simple as possible.

Intouch Platform


Custom Record Lists Builder

The Custom Record Lists Builder allows you to create your own record lists with the data that you have collected. Additionally, our new record lists builder will allow you to pull data from multiple programs and products.

To create a new record list, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new record list by clicking the + sign
  2. Give your list a title and select a product
  3. Record lists can have data from multiple programs and products. Selecting a product will filter the list to only include data from that product. This selection is mandatory but may be edited later in filters
  4. Drag and drop the data points that you would like to use as columns
  5. The icons listed represent the type of data that can be used 
  6. You will see the related icon next to each data point in the Columns tab in the left panel.
  7. Apply any filters and settings to your list 

The new record list builder simplifies the process of creating lists so users can spend less time configuring settings and more time analyzing results.

Triggers off Location Attributes

This month, we have introduced the ability to trigger actions based on location attributes. Our automation hub allows users to mobilize their teams in real-time based on predefined events, like a poor shop score or a failed checklist. When the specified event occurs, an action will be triggered such as sending an email including a PDF copy of the record or the creation of a case to ensure the issue gets resolved.

For example, an admin user can have access to all locations but may only be responsible for certain ones. With this new functionality, a user can configure triggers to only include the locations they are responsible for. These quick and real-time actions allow users to solve issues quickly as soon as they arise. 

“Recent” Selection List in Custom Dashboard and Records List Builder

Our customer dashboard and records list builder is now equipped with a “recent” list so users can find the data they use more quickly. When creating a new chart or list, users will see their most recent selections right at the top of the list, saving time from having to search through the entire list of data, metrics, and columns.

Screenshot (320)

Ability to filter checklists for unanswered questions, questions with required images, questions with required comments

When performing a check, sometimes an auditor may miss a question, forget to add a comment, or forget to add a photo. Instead of wasting time scrolling through the entire checklist, users may now filter the checklist to only show unanswered questions, questions that are missing a required comment, and/or questions that are missing a required photo.

To configure, click the toggle tab and toggle on any question types that you are looking for.

Screenshot (321)

Here at Intouch Insight we are always looking to create new features and product enhancements that meet your business needs. If you or your team have any new ideas that you would like to share, please reach out to us at

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