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Restaurant Technology, Pet Retailers, and the Latest Banking Trends

Restaurant Technology, Pet Retailers, and the Latest Banking Trends

What do consumers have to say this May? Below are some of the key data points from our latest Flash Points Surveys. These are pulse surveys of everyday consumers across North America on a wide range of issues affecting customer experiences.

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Below are the findings from three recent Flash Points covering:

How are consumers perceiving technology at restaurants?

With artificial intelligence making headlines, consumers visiting restaurants are not noticing a lot of technology at restaurants that they consider “new”.

  • Only 32% of survey respondents reporting seeing new technologies at restaurants recently.
  • The most commonly used technology has been around for a while. Self-serve kiosks are seeing wide-spread use with 70% of consumers having interacted with one at a restaurant.
  • Meanwhile 69% of respondents have noticed employees using tablets and 64% reported using a tablet to pay for their meal.
  • Consumer reception of this technology has been predominantly positive with 74% feeling it has made dining more convenient.
  • However, 66% of survey respondents prefer to order in-person from a staff member followed by 22% with no preference and 12% preferring to submit their order through an electronic device.

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Where are pet owners shopping and why?

With no shortage of goods to improve the lives of animal companions, our data shows that brick and mortar stores still have an edge over online alternatives.

  • In-store shopping has a slight lead with 51% of consumers preferring to shop for pet supplies at physical locations instead of online.
  • Petsmart is top-dog with 38% of consumers shopping in-person at their locations followed by 22% at Petco and 14% at Pet Supermarket.
  • One factor impacting the trend toward in-person shopping is knowledgeable staff on-site with 85% of consumers listing it as important.
  • Online reviews continue to play a big role with 69% of respondents saying it impacts their decision where to shop.
  • However, the top three factors when consumers are deciding where to buy pet-related goods are price, location/convenience, and the variety of products/food available.

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What is driving consumers to change banks?

Digital banking is the leading method for consumers managing their finances. In-person banking is still popular, but lower fees and higher interest rates can attract customers to institutions without physical locations.

  • Consumers continue to use multiple methods when banking with 76% saying they frequently use online banking, 76% mobile banking, and 70% also banking in-person.
  • The 3rd most popular reason to open a new account was a physical branch being located nearby. This comes behind the waiving of any fees for a new account at #1 and better interest rates for saving accounts at #2.
  • We also found that 68% of consumers would consider opening a savings account with an institution that has no in-person branches.
  • The use of digital wallets is split with 44% of consumers embracing the technology. Of those who use digital wallets, 87% say it’s for convenience while, for those who don’t, 49% say they simply have no interest and 37% have safety concerns.

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