Stay on top of problems with fluid, easy-to-track action plans.

Learn and share what's going on with problems.

See a conversation-style history of what's happening on a problem, including photos, due dates, asignees and more.

Assign users and due dates to problems.

Assign follow-ups to specific users and set due dates and timelines. Common problems? You can setup specific items to have an automatically set period for actions required.

Give context with photos.

Attach photos to issues to share context and richer details about what’s happening.

Close off when resolved.

Mark actioned issues as resolved to remove them from your follow-up list. Refer back to them whenever you need to keep an ongoing history of your teams' actions.

Stay on top of problems with fluid, easy-to-track action plans

Automate and accelerate the way you manage issues.

Flag actions required

When items need action, flag them for follow up.

Sometimes items can be fixed while auditors are on site. Other times they require a larger action. When that's the case, teams can flag issues.

Automatically notify teams when items require action plans

Automatically loop in the right people.

Set up checklists to automatically notify specific people when problems are found. Have a merchandising checklist? Automatically notify marketing. Health and safety issue? Automatically notify district managers and your health and safety team.

See lists of open actions

Keep problems front and center so they get fixed faster.

Users' dashboards show a list of open action items related to them, as well as when they're due and who they're assigned to.

Other action plan features you'll love.

Create auto-due dates.

When building your checklists you can set an automatic due date for items by allocating how many days it should take to resolve.

Manage issues straight from reports.

Even when you're viewing performance from a high level, you can quickly drill down to see what went wrong, why, and manage problems.

Access from any device.

On the go? You can access and manage all of your action plans from any mobile device as long as you're connected to the internet.

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