Save time & improve visibility with mobile site inspections and daily construction forms.

Reduce paper work. Complete on any device. No IT-needed.

All records available from anywhere. Send to anyone in real-time.

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Convert your construction inspections & forms to mobile.

Less paper. More action.

  • Go mobile. Easily convert all of your construction forms to mobile with a simple easy-to-use mobile form builder that doesn’t require IT. Explore the form builder.
  • Save trips to HQ. Submit instantly. No data entry. Instantly submit branded reports to your clients and the office. Explore reporting.
  • Work offline. Don't worry about connectivity. Work offline without losing your progress. Save and submit when you're back online. Explore our faster, richer field data collection.
  • Works on any mobile or desktop device. Use IntouchCheck on any Android or iOS device or any desktop with a modern browser.
  • Sync from device to desktop. Start a form on your mobile device in the field, save your progress to the cloud when you're back in the office and review and complete your form on your desktop.
Mobile Construction Inspections & Forms

Share daily reports with head office in real-time.

  • Add and annotate photos. Share on-site insights and visuals with your clients and teams by adding and annotating photos within your forms.
  • Deliver PDFs straight to team inboxes. Instantly submit branded PDFs to the right people, straight to their inboxes.
  • Access from anywhere. No need to deliver reports back and forth from the office. Once a reports submitted access them from any device to check on progress, or see a list of real-time issues.
  • Instant alerts. Flag issues that may require action or impact timelines, to reduce risk and stay on track.

Streamline safety inspections.

  • Unlimited safety checks and inspections. Perform daily, weekly and monthly inspections on property, personnel, equipment and transportation with unlimited forms.
  • Less paper. Access files from anywhere. Now all your safety inspection files are accessible from anywhere by date and site location. Send PDFs to whoever needs them. 
  • Alert and act faster. Set up automatic notifications for the right people when issues and problems are found. Explore action plans.

Watch and manage how your construction sites are performing.

  • Keep a pulse. With an instant overview of your overall performance, top issues and top inspectors, you can get an instant picture of what's going on in your organization.
  • Compare locations. Review scores and issues across locations to identify problem sites that may be slipping.
  • Drill down with a click. Want to understand a low score or why a major issue occured? Easily tap into any data point to review the individual reports they represent. You can view images and action problems all from reporting. Explore reporting.


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