Mobile franchise management software for any device.

Create unlimited franchise audits and drive performance of your teams with IntouchCheck.

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Focus your teams on what matters to your stores with franchise audits.

  • No IT or setup fees. Get started with IntouchCheck right away. 
  • Upload existing franchise management forms from Excel. 
  • Build unlimited, new checklists and inspections with our easy-to-use form builder. 
  • Create whatever question type you need whether it's a simple check, multi-select questions, multiple choice, date, numeric or text field, or a calculation. Explore the form builder.


Franchise Management Checklist

Give your teams the power to conduct better franchise audits. 

  • Move seamlessly from one device to another. Start monitoring one location on your smart phone, then save and resume the audit on your desktop or tablet. 
  • See the bigger picture. Attach and annotate photos for specific franchise checklist items. Explore our faster, richer field data collection.
  • Verify results. Collect e-signatures from auditors after a franchise audit has been completed. 
  • Create a scoring system. Choose your scoring method and attach weights to sections and questions. Explore customization & setup.

Manage your teams and locations more accurately.

  • Control who sees what based on their role and location. Create groups for different users based on their training and permissions, or create feature groups for specific items or locations.
  • Measure performance of all your locations. Filter through results of all locations, and choose specific date ranges to see the full picture. Explore reporting.
  • Understand your operations. View audit reports to see where issues occurred and leave comments. 


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Feature Sheet PDF

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