Build your own mobile forms with an easy mobile form builder. 

Import from Excel.

Accelerate your setup by importing existing Excel checklists into IntouchCheck.

Build it yourself.

Build dynamic mobile forms using skip logic, and customizable fields (yes/no, numbers, text, dates, multiple choice, multi-select, calculation fields).

Choose from our form library.

Choose from any of our free industry forms and checklists to get started quickly.

Customize for your process.

Customizations are easy and IT-Free with the ability to define scoring, weights, notifications, schedules and more.

Save Time And Money

Get specific with example photos and instructions.

Give your teams added reference to specific standards by adding example photos and additional instructions straight into your forms.

Get specific with example photos and instructions.

Replicate your unique scoring process.

Use IntouchCheck to choose your scoring method, create scoring settings, identify scoring levels, and more.

Replicate your unique scoring process.

Easily manage permissions, hierarchies and groups.

Build out your organizational structure.

Create your organizational hierarchy groups and locations. Members can view and access reports and checklists for the locations they share groups with. Use tags to compare performance across different divisions and regions.

Define specialized groups.

Want to restrict your audits and checklists to only users with specific training and permissions? Create groups like "health and safety" where you can add your health and safety audits and certified users.

Ensure checks align with locations.

Not all locations are the same. Why treat them the same with the same audits? You can create feature groups for items of your location like "patio" or "washroom", then designate items or entire checklists to only appear to locations in those groups.

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