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IntouchCheck™ is the hub from which you can implement operational procedures, conduct and review audits, manage follow-ups and more.


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Build & Personalize

Build it yourself

Easily build dynamic mobile forms using skip logic, and customizable fields such as date ranges and multiple-choice.

Leverage templates

Get started quickly with fully customizable templates covering a range of typical use cases.

Get the full picture

Checklists and audits allow you to collect the necessary contextual information by requesting photos or additional information as required.

Manage permissions

Configure and manage permissions to create the best personal experience for users with granular organizational hierarchies and location-based access.

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Manage & Audit

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Focus on what matters

Use Smart logic and relevant question types to tailor the audit and checklist experience based on submitted answers or location attributes.

Empower frontline staff

Get policies and procedures in the hands of employees quickly, in easy-to-follow checklist format.

Switch between devices

Complete audits on your smartphone then move to your desktop to review before submitting. Save, and switch to your tablet in between.

Increase accountability

Follow formalized approval workflows that build accountability right into your processes with notifications and signatures.


Focus & Progress

Get real-time insights

Keep a pulse on performance with at-a-glance dashboards to prioritize efforts and react quickly.

Track progress

Track compliance, completion, and success rates. Quickly view incomplete checks and manage team workflow.


Easily set up permissions and groups to manage who has access to what data to ensure everyone sees what they need to see.

View trends over time

Uncover operational insights and find opportunities for improvement by analyzing your data over time.

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Work & Grow

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Trigger followups

Flag issues for follow up and automatically notify the right people to initiate an action plan. Follow-ups can be triggered automatically or created manually.

Manage your team

Assign follow-ups to specific users and set due dates. Mark actioned issues as resolved, and refer back to them to keep an ongoing history of actions.

Manage priorities

Customize user dashboards to show a list of relevant open action items as well as when they're due and who they're assigned to.


See a conversation-style history of what's happening on specific issues, complete with due dates, assignees and more.

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