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Faster, easier field data collection with mobile forms.

All the fields you need

Create yes/no questions, multiple choice, multi-select, numeric, text, date, auto-calculation fields, and use skip logic.

Calculate and score instantly

Save time and improve accuracy. Input numbers to auto-calculate fields, and automate the scoring of number ranges and calculations so auditors don't have to.

Share the full picture

Take photos and add photos from your device right in IntouchCheck.

Trigger follow ups

When issues can't be fixed right away, flag them for follow up to auto-notify the right people and initiate action plans.

IntouchCheck Mobile Forms Software Merchandising Checklist Team Communication

Streamline your field data collection process

Prioritize and organize

See a list of upcoming audits assigned to you and when they're due.

Submit or send instantly

Submit or send for review with the click of a button. Auto-email PDF reports and report summaries.

Don't worry about connectivity

Work offline safely. IntouchCheck mobile forms automatically save to your device even when you're not connected to the internet. Submit when you reconnect.

Move from device to device

Save work on your smart phone when connected. Move to your desktop to review and check before submitting. Save, and switch to your tablet in between.

Verify and manage how checks are being performed

Merchandising Audit Intouchcheck

Verify timing

Verify teams aren't rushing through your checks. See how long it took to complete the audit.

Verify Signatures Intouchcheck

Review and approve with signatures

Collect signatures once checks are complete. Once signatures are collected, no changes can be made.

Photo Proof Intouchcheck

See when/where photos were taken

Verify teams aren't using the same photos over and over. See when and where photos are taken.

See performance in one-quick overview

Instant overviews

Keep a constant pulse on performance with a single glance. With instant insights teams can prioritize their efforts, make decisions faster and continue driving performance.

Filter and drill down with ease

Identify trends and patterns by filtering your insights by date, checklist, hierarchy or location.

IntouchCheck mobile forms Phone Dashboard

Uncover operational insights and find opportunities for improvement

Easily filter your reports and choose specific date ranges to get an understanding of performance and trends over time, and view performance across locations and groups to identify top and low performers. Encourage knowledge and best practices sharing from champions amongst those who are struggling, and help drive overall performance improvement.

Other report features you'll love

Export question responses

Export an Excel sheet detailing results for your selected checklist, so you can review and compare across dates, times and places.

Manage viewing permissions

Easily set up permissions and groups to manage who has access to what. Now you can ensure everyone sees what they need to see.

Access from any device

On the go? You can check reports and manage performance from any mobile device.

View missing audit reports

Ensure checks are done on time! Quickly view which checks were incomplete, where and who was responsible for them, and email managers straight from reporting.

Make it easy for your managers to stay on top of performance highs and lows

Review and action issues straight from your reports

Check Outcomes


Select any data point you want to learn more about - good or bad - and see all audit reports it represents.

Check Reports

Easily review

View report highlights. Click on any check to see its full report and manage.

Check Comments

Learn what happened

View the audit report to see where issues occurred and get a full picture of what's going on at your locations. Find an issue? Tap to view it and leave a comment.

Check Follow Ups

Create follow ups

Access your follow ups and leave comments straight from reporting.

Stay on top of problems with fluid, easy-to-track follow ups

Learn and share what's going on with problems

See a conversation-style history of what's happening on a problem, including photos, due dates, assignees and more.

Assign users and due dates to problems

Assign follow-ups to specific users and set due dates and timelines. Common problems? You can setup specific items to have an automatically set period for actions required.

Give context with photos

Attach photos to issues to share context and richer details about what’s happening.

Close off when resolved

Mark actioned issues as resolved to remove them from your follow-up list. Refer back to them whenever you need to keep an ongoing history of your teams' actions.

IntouchCheck Mobile Forms Software Hotel Audits Follow Ups

Automate and accelerate the way you manage issues

Flag Follow Ups

When items need action, flag them for follow up

Sometimes items can be fixed while auditors are on site. Other times they require a larger action. When that's the case, teams can flag issues.

Email Notifications

Automatically loop in the right people

Set up checklists to automatically notify specific people when problems are found. Have a merchandising checklist? Automatically notify marketing. Health and safety issue? Automatically notify district managers and your health and safety team.

Customer Follow Ups

Keep problems front and center so they get fixed faster

Users' dashboards show a list of open action items related to them, as well as when they're due and who they're assigned to.

Other follow up features you'll love

Create auto-due dates

When building your checklists you can set an automatic due date for items by allocating how many days it should take to resolve.

Manage issues straight from reporting

Even when you're viewing performance from a high level, you can quickly drill down to see what went wrong, why, and manage problems.

Access from any device

On the go? You can access and manage all of your action plans from any mobile device as long as you're connected to the internet.

Build your own mobile forms with an easy mobile form builder

Import from Excel

Accelerate your setup by importing existing Excel checklists into IntouchCheck.

Build it yourself

Build dynamic mobile forms using skip logic, and customizable fields (yes/no, numbers, text, dates, multiple choice, multi-select, calculation fields).

Choose from our form library

Choose from any of our free industry forms and checklists to get started quickly.

Customize for your process

Customizations are easy and IT-Free with the ability to define scoring, weights, notifications, schedules and more.

Intouchcheck Mobile Forms Software on Laptop

Get specific with example photos and instructions

Give your teams added reference to specific standards by adding example photos and additional instructions straight into your forms.

Mobile Hotel Housekeeping Checklist Example Photos

Replicate your unique scoring process

Use IntouchCheck to choose your scoring method, create scoring settings, identify scoring levels, and more.

IntouchCheck mobile forms Setup Scoring

Easily manage permissions, hierarchies and groups

Build out your organizational structure

Create your organizational hierarchy groups and locations. Members can view and access reports and checklists for the locations they share groups with. Use tags to compare performance across different divisions and regions.

Define specialized groups

Want to restrict your audits and checklists to only users with specific training and permissions? Create groups like "health and safety" where you can add your health and safety audits and certified users.

Ensure checks align with locations

Not all locations are the same. Why treat them the same with the same audits? You can create feature groups for items of your location like "patio" or "washroom", then designate items or entire checklists to only appear to locations in those groups.