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      COVID-19 Toolkit

      Designed to help you return to work safely, protecting your employees, customers, and business. Stay connected and stay informed.



      COVID-19 Health Screening

      Enabling businesses to proactively manage the safety and well-being of employees & visitors as we combat COVID-19.

      Employee Screening

      Return to work safely by enabling employees to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms. Identify risk factors before entering the workplace and communicate easily with management. Save a shortcut on smartphone home screens for quick and easy completion of the health screening.

      Connect with our team to see how we can help protect your most valuable assets, your people.

      We also offer comprehensive solutions for visitor screening. Learn more below.


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      Free 60 Day Access to Check Mobile Forms Software

      While we are all busy adapting to recent changes in our day-to-day lives, we've gone ahead and doubled the duration of our free trial to IntouchCheck™ Mobile Forms Software. This gives you free access for 60 days to our mobile forms automation software, making it easier for you to refine your operational procedures and roll-out new health safety measures across your business.


      COVID-19 Sanitation Check 700 x 600

      Changes in Consumer Habits

      The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of people around the world. In order to better understand how the pandemic has affected the realm of customer experience management, we surveyed consumers to better understand their concerns and priorities, and how behaviors have changed. Below we've compiled our findings into three parts based on the industries we analyzed: Convenience Stores and Gas Stations, Restaurants and Food Service Establishments, and Retail.

      October 2020

      In this second edition of our top-rated field study, Changes in Consumer Habits, we compare how expectations have changed and the evolution of the relationship between businesses and their customers. 

      May 2020