Customized multi-location mystery shopping

Get the complete, unbiased picture of your business’ brand performance to take your customer experience to the highest level.

What's the benefit of mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping gives you third party feedback about customer experience and whether or not your locations are consistently delivering your brand standards – allowing you to keep raising the bar.

Create the most efficient measurement strategy for your business

1. Design

Our team is here to help you design and implement mystery shopping questionnaires that are custom built to align with your brand standards and provide you with clear, actionable results to achieve your business goals.

Design Mystery Shopping

2. Measure

Our workforce of nearly one million certified mystery shoppers visit your locations and complete assignments using a mobile app. Providing you with rich data and visual performance feedback in real-time.

IntouchShop Mystery Shopping Services Data

3. Analyze

Data doesn’t have to come in spreadsheets. We deliver powerful, real-time mystery shopping reports that clearly identify the status-quo of your performance.

View data at every level

Role and location-level dashboards to access data at a glance, empowering you to improve your bottom line.

Filter with ease

Filter results by date, cycle, hierarchy, location, attributes, section, question, specific questionnaire, and more to allow for full data transparency.

Prioritize trending issues

With a real-time feed of top performance issues, your teams will always know where to focus their efforts and make improvements where it matters most.

IntouchCheck mobile forms Phone Dashboard

4. Act and improve

Use mystery shopping results to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s performance, so your teams can do more of what wows your customers and less of what doesn’t.

Act Improve Mystery Shopping

5. Repeat

Ongoing performance measurement helps you drive continuous improvements to your customer experience, and supports a customer-centric employee culture.

Man looking happy after brilliant customer experience

More knowledge with data analysis program add-ons

Work with a professional analyst as your partner in getting the most from your data. Receive and review executive custom reports on important KPIs with your assigned analyst on your own schedule. Map and understand performance over time as we track and analyze changes in historical data. Uncover root causes of issues or behavior patterns with statistical modeling.

IntouchShop mystery shopping services Reporting

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