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2 min read

3 Ways to Automate Your Mystery Shopping Data

How You can Leverage Automation to Get More Out of Your Mystery Shopping Data

Mystery shopping is a commonly used tool to help brands ensure that their employees are delivering on brand standards and adhering to operating standards. Brands who utilize these types of programs are already ahead of the game when it comes to improving performance resulting in immediate impacts on the bottom line. But, those that truly excel are the ones that do more with the data and insights that they are already gathering.

That’s why at Intouch Insight we empower our customers to do just that! With high powered automations, you can build set-it-and-forget-it processes to drive efficiency, empower teams to act quickly, and celebrate everyday successes.

Read on to learn about three of our most loved automations that every IntouchShop™ customer can implement today!

  1. Keep Stakeholders Up to Date with Automated Report Delivery
  2. Quickly Address Issues by Creating New Cases Based on Keywords
  3. Congratulate Team Members Who Are Setting a Great Example

Keep Stakeholders Up to Date with Automated Report Delivery

The Intouch Insight platform’s reporting software is designed so it’s easy to set up dashboards tailored to the metrics that matter the most to various team members. However, we recognize that some stakeholders simply don’t have the time or desire to log in to the portal in order to stay up to date on your mystery shopping program. That’s why we allow you to automate report delivery to any team member via a variety of other channels.

By setting up automated report delivery can help you check one more thing off your today list – without lifting a finger! Simply set the frequency with which you want the report shared, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, and how you want them disseminated, via email, Dropbox, Google Drive or

Quickly Address Issues by Creating New Cases Based on Keywords

Leveraging automation is a fantastic way to help your team address potential issues even faster. While the overall score of a shop is a key indicator as to how locations are performing, you don’t want to miss smaller issues among an otherwise great overall score.

Keywords allow you to quickly identify responses related to either key initiatives or known issues at any of your locations. For example, if you’ve found the cleanliness of your locations has not been up to your standards, you can use automation to create and assign a case to a relevant team member as soon as any shop record is submitted that contains the keyword “dirty”. This way you can begin to address issues immediately - making your response time faster than ever.

Congratulate Team Members Who Are Setting a Great Example

One of the challenges facing mystery shopping programs is to avoid an adversarial relationship between mystery shoppers and staff. Your location managers should understand that mystery shopping programs are not intended to punish them if they don’t score 100% every visit, but rather help them identify areas of improvement so they can focus their ongoing efforts.

One way to reinforce the positive impact of your mystery shopping program is to celebrate a locations’ successes rather than only focusing on the failures - and automation can help here too. Easily trigger congratulatory messages to your locations based on their mystery shopping score over a set period of time. This notification can be triggered based on the location’s average score or their minimum score over over this time period

How have you leveraged automation within the Intouch Insight platform? What ways would you like to leverage your data to do more? Our team wants to hear from you! Email us at or reach out via our contact us page.





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